Below is a list of categories for the Women in Tech Employer Awards and an explanation as to who should be considered for each award.

Who can nominate? Anyone can nominate. You can nominate the company you are working for or any other company you feel deserves recognition. Submit your nominations here.


For the employer who has shown increased efforts to employ female graduates
For the employer who has shown great initiative in employing  females in the technology industry
For the employer who has shown great initiative in employing tech females in the public sector
This award gives recognition to the employer that has gone above and beyond with their recruitment campaign in order to hire more women in the technology sector
Recognising networks who strive to bring together professionals within the technology sector to encourage others to join and share their experiences
For the recruitment agency who has shown great efforts and success in recruiting women within the technology industry
For the employee within the tech department who has gone to great lengths to help increase diversity within the team/ business.
The initiative that has gone to great efforts to promote awareness for women in technology and has succeeded in increasing this awareness. 
The female who has proven a great passion for women in technology and who others aspire to, to help them along the way.
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