5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Women in Tech Employer Awards 2020

Earlier this month the Women in Tech Employer Awards 2020 opened for entries. The awards celebrate employers and individuals in the technology industry who are going above and beyond to narrow the gender gap. Increasing female representation in all levels from junior positions to the boardroom is crucial for genuine growth.

Women in Tech Awards

For tech companies in the UK, the awards present an unparalleled opportunity to raise their profile in the diversity and inclusion space. By demonstrating their passion for actively tackling the issue of gender diversity in tech it will set businesses apart from their competition with both clients and future employees alike.

So why should you enter your business for an award? We’ve summarised the top 5 benefits below!

1. Enhance staff morale and attract talent

Recent research from The Women in Tech Survey revealed that the majority of women would be more drawn to applying for a job at a company who can demonstrate genuine examples of diversity and equality within the company. One of the most attractive prospects of being shortlisted for or winning one of the 20 categories in the Women in Tech Employer Awards is gaining the ability to shout about being a finalist or an award-winning company! This will help to attract fresh and more diverse talent as well as boosting the morale of current employees through the pride that comes with working for a company dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

2. FREE exposure for your business!

The awards are completely free to enter and you can enter your business for more than one category. Entering the awards is a free way of promoting your business as a strong player in the sector, and as an organization that is passionate about putting work into key growth factors such as narrowing the gender gap. If you are shortlisted for one of the awards then your company will be listed as a finalist on The Women in Tech Employer Awards website, and your logo and company name will also feature at the awards event itself in front of 300+ other industry experts, at no cost to your business.

3. Build new relationships

The awards will be celebrated on 11th November at the Montcalm in London bringing together a whole host of tech companies, recruiters, and individuals in one room. The event itself is an excellent opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and forge new professional connections and relationships that could benefit your business going forward. Navigating huge issues such as diversity and inclusion in technology is far more impactful when businesses in the sector work towards the common goal of equality, and the awards will open doors that will enable this type of collaboration.

4. Leverage your competitive advantage

When it comes to attracting the best talent as well as clients, having an award to shout about gives your business a competitive edge. However, even being able to say you entered or were shortlisted for an award also shows an impressive level of dedication and passion that shines a light on your business as a place with the pursuit of success at its core. As a finalist or winner in The Women in Tech Employer Awards you receive a logo which you can display on your website and marketing material, helping you to ensure that your customers, clients and talent choose to work with or buy from you, over other businesses in your sector.

5. Increase your credibility

Winners will be recognised for their excellence, innovation, and outstanding work in helping to narrow the gender gap, therefore driving forward huge growth in the industry. This will position your business as an important player in the industry-wide effort to increase the number of women in tech. The awards will be judged and winners chosen by a panel of industry-leaders and experts in the field, which further builds recognition for the work that you and your team have done and certifies your place within the industry.

To view the categories and submit an entry click here.