Apprenticeships for women in tech

If you’re looking for hands-on experience and training in a tech role, an apprenticeship can be a great option. Available at many different skill and age levels, many apprenticeships will include a qualification at the end. However, many people simply don’t know that companies offer these as an option, and how to apply for them. In this article, we look at the steps you can take to pursue an apprenticeship in technology.

women in tech apprenticeships

The technology sector is experiencing a skills shortage, with over 2 million job vacancies last year alone. Apprenticeships provide a great tool for training individuals in different areas whilst hiring them as a paid employee. For the apprentice, the benefits are vast – real, hands-on experience of working in their chosen field whilst earning money and getting the training they need to progress in their career. The employer can tailor the training and skills they give for their organisational goals, allowing them to invest in the future of their IT teams and projects.


How to apply for an apprenticeship


When you apply for an apprenticeship it is much like applying for any other job. There are many different routes to finding the apprenticeship which is right for you – whether it’s via the government-run service or directly with the company. Here’s our top tips for getting started in your apprenticeship application.


1. Do your research

There are so many apprenticeships available that sometimes it can be confusing knowing where to start. If you know the area of tech you’d like to go into, you can research some of the companies who are working on them. Many company websites have pages about their apprenticeship schemes and what they entail. The government website is also a great resource with lots of information about apprenticeships and the process of getting one.


There are also websites dedicated to rating employers for how good their apprenticeship programmes are. RateMyApprenticeship and Top Apprenticeship Employers are two examples. These are worth checking as it gives real ratings from people who have been apprentices so will give a good idea of what the scheme entails.


2. Connect with the employers

LinkedIn is a great tool for finding out more about the employer running the apprenticeship. Many will run webinars and Q&A sessions about the apprenticeship schemes, these are useful tools to help you understand more about the course and what it entails, as well as speaking with people who you’ll be working with.


3. Take your time with your application

Applying for an apprenticeship should be treated the same way as applying for a job, after all, that is what you’re doing! Take time to fill out the form carefully and to the best of your ability. Remember that the employer will get lots of applications so ensure that yours is one they stop and read. Rushed applications will give off the vibe that you aren’t bothered about getting the role, so ensure you tailor each application to the job and company you’re looking at. You’ll usually need a CV and covering letter as well as the company’s online form. If you need help with writing your CV, consider contacting the CV & Interview Advisors or read our guide here. Refer back to the job description to help you tailor your application to what the company is looking for.


4. Stay positive

The most important thing to remember in your hunt for an apprenticeship is to stay positive. Apprenticeships often get many applications, especially for bigger more well-known brands and so can be very competitive. If you don’t hear back, don’t worry! It’s a good idea to apply for multiple apprenticeships as this will give you a better chance of getting one. Apprenticeship opportunities come up all the time, so make sure you’re actively searching every day to see new ones which may become available. If you do get a rejection, don’t be scared to ask for some feedback on why this might be. This feedback could be the key to unlocking your perfect role.


Apprenticeships provide both the employer and apprentice valuable opportunities for growth. 90% of apprentices stay on at the company following completion of their apprenticeship, and it’s proven to benefit employers too, with 86% of employers saying that apprenticeships helped them to develop skills relevant to their organisation. So, an apprenticeship could be the starting point to a long and happy career in tech.


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