Company Ethics: The Key to Boosting Diversity in the UK Tech Sector in 2020

Key findings from a new survey conducted by travel tech giant Trainline have given the tech sector a boost of optimism about what the future holds with regards to more diversity and gender balance in tech. The survey was answered by 1,000 people currently working in tech, and was aimed at gauging the UK tech community’s predictions for 2020. It has highlighted that there is in fact significant positivity surrounding the future of women in tech, such as 3 in 5 people believing there will be more women in technical roles next year. Perhaps the most significant finding is how big an influence company ethics has on people’s decisions to work for a company, with 8 out of 10 people agreeing company ethics will influence their next role. 

Company Ethics the key to Boosting Diversity in the UK Tech Sector in 2020

2020 Will be a Progressive Year for Women in Tech

For women currently in or looking to get into the tech sector, the survey highlights many reasons that suggest that 2020 could be an important and progressive year. As it stands just 15% of the UK STEM workforce is made up of women, however, in 2020 many tech workers actually expect this gender gap to narrow, with 60% believing their teams will include more women in the next year.

Will 2020 be the year of genuine and visible change for female representation in tech? Maybe so, if tech companies act on the information that 2 in 5 people aged 18-24 intend to work for a brand which benefits the environment. This could mean that young women emerging onto the tech scene looking for their first or second role in the sector, are likely to be more convinced by a company if they can demonstrate they are not only committed to gender diversity in tech, but engaged in helping the environment and placing that highly in their ethical agendas for their brand. Tech giants like Trainline are demonstrating to the upcoming generation of tech workers that environmental matters do take a high position in the companies over-arching goals going forward. For example, Mark Holt, Chief Technology Officer at Trainline has said “We’re committed to developing technology which makes sustainable travel choices easier and hassle-free. Protecting the environment is, rightfully, becoming higher and higher on the tech community’s agenda and UK tech professionals want to work for companies that are part of the solution”. Sustainability is important to people and workers are holding their companies accountable for their work to contribute to improving the environment.

Increasing Opportunities for STEM Graduates

A problem that has plagued the UK tech industry in recent years is the question of just how many job opportunities are there for women in tech. However, new information from the 72% of people working in tech suggests they expect their teams to double in size in 2020. This means that there is the potential that tech job vacancies could double alongside a drive to recruit for more diversity. More job vacancies not only means more opportunities for women to apply for tech roles, but it also means more hope for female STEM students and graduates, that there is increasing opportunities being created for women in tech and companies do care about changing the current imbalance in the sector.

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