Once you graduate from university it can often feel like a strange and daunting experience entering the world of employment but it doesn’t have to be. We can help you get the best Graduate job that suits your skills and experience. Below you can find tips from finding your first graduate job to the best time to start looking for one. Make sure you’re fully prepared for when you graduate!

why work in FinTech?

Why work in FinTech?

FinTech is a fast-growing sector in the UK tech industry. Recent stats by Statista Research Department published in November show that compared to other European countries, the UK has a higher than average FinTech adoption rate when it comes to consumer adoption of FinTech products and services. As a result of the demand for innovative […]

women in technology graduate guide

The Women in Tech Graduate Guide

It is known that there is a lack of women in the technology industry and there is a serious demand for tech talent due to a skills shortage. With just 19% of the technology workforce being women, it is clear that more needs to be done to increase the number of women in tech to […]

How to become a Business Analyst

A business analyst identifies business needs and issues by assessing certain systems. This may include creating or developing new systems, improving processes and strategy planning. A business analyst is normally known as the link between the business and its IT department as they need to come up with technical solutions to help improve the business’s […]

The Best Jobs Available to IT Graduates

Graduate Jobs for IT experts   It can be quite daunting looking for your first graduate job when finishing university, especially in the IT sector as there are so many different job roles to choose from. From Software Engineering to IT Support, there is a wide variety of IT careers you can go into. Below […]

The Most Important Skills for IT Graduates

The most important skills for IT graduates So you’re fresh out of university with your computer science degree under your belt. But what now? Many graduates don’t know which area of IT they want to explore, or even which skills they should be highlighting on their CV, so here we are, a run-down of the […]

IT Graduate Jobs Search Schedule

IT Graduate Jobs Search Schedule What should I be doing in order to get the IT Graduate job I’m after? Many graduates find themselves in their final year having not considered what they want to do when their time at university ends. When they are swamped down with dissertation writing and revision for final exams […]

The Keys to a Successful IT Graduate Cover Letter

IT Graduate Cover Letter A covering letter is a vital piece of documentation for any job application. It’s the first page of your application and not simply an addition to your CV. A covering letter highlights your main skills to an employer and makes a statement about yourself and your suitability to the position on […]