Learning People explore the success of women in tech and leadership

At Learning People, our inclusive, supportive, and empowering ethos is the very reason we’re able to help people of all sexes, from all backgrounds become the very best version of themselves.

Throughout March, we’ve taken a deep dive into our core subject areas of code, project management, and IT to inspire and explore the success of women in tech and leadership, so you can discover the tools you’ll need and the attributes you’ll already have to start, change, or expand your career.


women leadership panel


Women make great coders

If we trace the origins of computer programming, everything from code breaking at Bletchley Park to engineering at NASA was predominantly performed by women. In fact, female coders have a long history of changing the world. Fast forward to the present day, and programming is considered a male-dominated history, but thankfully, all that is beginning to change.

Successful people in IT will heavily rely on their communication skills more than their technical knowledge. In the workplace, it’s about how you explain or share technical ideas and data to a non-technical audience and your IT colleagues. Therefore, how you speak, write, listen, read body language, and show empathy are critical skills that are essential for software developers.

Many also forget that even the art of coding is essentially a conversation between a computer operating system and the developer. Women have a reputation for being born communicators and often outperform males, who are often guilty of falling into the trap of getting too technical or mansplaining their way through long monologues.


Women lead in business

Women see the world very differently from men, and their leadership approach is unsurprisingly different. For the most part, women thrive when building relationships and collaborating with others to deliver results while also resolving conflicts along the way. Playing the role of a change maker also comes naturally, which makes it easy to see why women excel in change management.

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, was famously quoted as saying, “change is the only constant in life.” Our world has changed so much in the last two years that it can be challenging to recall what normal even means anymore in our working and daily lives. In business, change management plays a critical role in helping an organisation, and its stakeholders adapt to change.

Learning how to lead change management involves understanding how individuals react to change and guiding them through the entire process. The APMG Change Management Foundation certification is the perfect way to explore the world of change management in a career with an annual salary of over £60,000. However, even if you have no project management experience, the CAPM and Change Management collection can also equip you with the tools to understand how to manage and lead change effectively.


Women in tech

Female tech positions are increasing over 238% faster than male colleagues. Midwives, teachers, career-break mothers are all learning that they don’t need a maths or tech background to retrain and reinvent themselves to enjoy a tech career. Gender diversity has the potential to transform the world of tech for all the right reasons.

Regardless of their background, it has never been easier for women to begin a career in cybersecurity. For example, the Cyber Security Analyst collection contains everything for women in cyber to thrive in the industry. One of the most appealing aspects of this approach for women with busy lives is the ability to learn at a time and location that best fits their lifestyle and schedule.

When attempting to kickstart a new career in tech, 24/7 support from expert mentors also keeps any self-doubt or imposter syndrome from holding you back. When combined with unlimited access to practice labs, women have all the help they need to ace their exams and are also leading the way by forming their communities to help and support other women in cyber security.


Women in cloud

With more than 100,000 plus cloud jobs waiting to be filled, many ambitious women begin with the AWS Cloud collection to reskill and enter the cloud job market as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) specialist. Still, there are many different ways for women to get into a career in the cloud.

One of the biggest myths in the tech industry is that you must have a background in tech to enter the field. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The tech sector has opportunities to grow at any stage of your career. You can start from anywhere, including in the cloud.


These are just a small handful of options and opportunities where women succeed in tech and project management. If you’d like to find out more about enhancing or expanding your own career, simply contact one of our expert career consultants today for friendly and professional guidance and discover your best version of you.

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