How to Maintain Work Life Balance for Women in Tech

work life balance for women in techAs a woman in tech, the lines between work life and home life can be blurry. The blur is accepted by most women as they feel it’s part of the package; getting paid, working hard and always rising to the occasion. Technology jobs can provide women with excitement and fulfilment but can also become quite challenging, especially when learning how to balance work life ambitions and home life. The concern rises amongst all women regardless of their age, job title and level of experience.

Several tech companies are starting to value women and the difficulty of finding a work life balance, especially if they are returning to work after having children. They are offering more flexibility and work incentives. But it is always beneficial to be given tips on how to maintain a work life balance for women in tech.

Finding your ideal routine

It has been found that 39% of women said that finding a routine that works for them has been an essential way to finding a work life balance. Having a routine enables you to have down time every day after working long hours in the office, whether they’re small responsibilities or priorities that you must attend to everyday, like making dinner or taking your dog for a walk. It takes your mind away from work and technology and provides you with a chance to focus on other activities you enjoy doing. Finding a balance between your work and personal life is less to do about how many hours you have in the day, but what you can do within those hours.

Family and Social

Making plans with your family and friends during a busy period at work can help relieve stress and help maintain a work life balance for women in tech. 71% of women in tech make scheduling and spending time with their family, friends and partner a priority. Scheduling plans with family and friends doesn’t just enhance a healthy lifestyle, but it also gives you something to look forward to. Knowing that you will be spending time on a specific day with your family or friends will help you to remain positive in stressful times.

Make time for you

Women find it hard to make time for themselves. Some women who have a family and a partner that they want to spend time with will prioritise giving their free time to them. Though this can help maintain a work life balance for women in tech, it is also important to make time for yourself. Even incorporating exercise or a 30-minute workout into your daily routine has scientifically proven to boost your energy and the ability to concentrate. Within the tech industry there will always been long days, late nights and weekends where work needs to be completed. But making time for yourself will enable a chance for self-reflection, goal setting and self-care, which are all essential for strong mental health.

Utilise Calendars

Starting each day with clear goals and objectives which you have written on a calendar (hand written or digital) can provide you with a clear mindset of what you must accomplish. This can also give you a clear indication on how much time you are spending on your work and personal life. 55% of women use programs like google calendar or other scheduling programs like the calendars on their phone to find and maintain a healthy balance. Integrating the two can be difficult especially because you only have 24 hours in a day. But having activities written down can help you to prioritise your work load and provides you with a routine and a time to unwind.

Leave work at work

Lastly, it is important to leave work at work after the day has finished, unless of course important deadlines are approaching. Having rules such as ‘no work weekends’ and setting a time every night when working is put to a stop, can help the mind and body rest and disconnect. It is healthy to give your body a chance to recover from stress and can help new ideas to emerge.

Maintaining a work life balance for women in tech can difficult, however it is essential to make time for yourself and friends and family. It helps you to unwind, relieve any stress and enables creative ideas to emerge. It is possible to be a tech expert in your job and make time to take care of yourself, it just takes top prioritising and scheduling the time.