Survey: Women working in tech value fulfilling work and flextime over salary

A survey of people working in IT and tech has found that women in the sector are more motivated by the kind of projects they can work on, and flexible working arrangements, than salary.


Speaking to 1,050 people in IT and tech, Evolution found that 29% of women say the type of projects and challenges they work on is their main consideration when looking for a role. A quarter of women said that flexible working is the most important aspect of a job offer, compared to just 8% of male respondents, perhaps suggesting that it is working females who still bear the burden of running the family home.


It is obvious that the tech and IT sector might be more forward thinking than some other, more corporate sectors, but it seems modern IT workers are less and less interested in the traditional style benefits that were so important in the past.


Only 1% of female survey respondents said traditional benefits are the main reason they would take a job, and work perks also only got 1% of the vote. No female respondents said holiday was an important factor when choosing a job role, showing that, overall, it is job satisfaction and a flexible workplace that attracts modern women to jobs in IT and tech.