The UK’s Largest Tech Forum for Women


everywoman is the expert for the advancement of women in business. With an active network of over 20,000 members and presence in over 100 countries, everywoman is recognised as the professional organisation which is a tech forum for women that drives development of women at all levels.

On February 9th, everywoman are holding the UK’s largest tech forum for women- the 2017 everywoman forum- Advancing Women in Technology. This event will consist of over 600 of the brightest business leaders in tech and professionals in female development.

This event is aimed at all levels- whether you are a determined graduate looking to start a career in the tech sector or an aspiring leader looking to drive your team’s performance- this event will give you all the motivation and advice you need to succeed. You may think this forum is only attended by women but it is relevant for men too. It is ideal for both female and male managers who are looking to develop teams of gender balance.

There are a number of inspirational speakers attending the event from globally recognised brands such as Moonpig, Worldpay, Harvey Nichols, Dell and more. They will be sharing their thoughts and knowledge on areas such as risk-taking, future-proofing your career, the value of mindful leadership and more.

If you are interested in attending this event, you can get your tickets here.

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everywoman in technology forum. 17th March 2015. London Hilton Park Lane

everywoman in technology forum. 17th March 2015. London Hilton Park Lane