Women in Tech Meetups

Meetups have developed over the past few years so people with the same interests can communicate either over the internet or in real life. Meetups are normally informal and can be quite fun, especially if you’re learning about things that interest you. The organiser would have booked a venue to hold the meetup, or if they are regular it will be held at one particular venue.

Women in tech meetups have become more popular over the past few years as the issue of underrepresented individuals in the industry has been addressed. Depending on the meetup you attend, you could be listening to speakers share their experiences, learning new programmes and code or simply networking. There are several benefits of attending women in tech meetups and plenty of women in tech meetups to get involved in across the UK.

What are the benefits of meetups?

Attending women in tech meetups is beneficial to all women who are looking to get into the tech industry and those who are currently in the tech industry. A great advantage from attending women in tech meetups is that you get a chance to learn from other women who are in all different stages of life and their tech career. Along with networking opportunities, having speakers at meetups enables everyone to listen to a variety of experiences that have occurred to women in the tech industry, but also enables them to learn. The people you network with would’ve come from all backgrounds, for example, some may be graduates who want to get into tech and others may want a career change.

Everyone who attends women in tech meetups will have a similar interest. It is a great way of meeting people who can help you with the development of your career and you can pick up ideas and inspiration from speakers. Its not just a place where you listen to everyone else experiences, but you also have a chance to voice your own issues, and from this you are likely to come across someone who has been the same position. Feeling like you’re not the only one can help in difficult situations, especially due to the lack of women in tech.

Women in tech meetups

A popular website to visit if you are looking to attend women in tech meetups is a site called ‘Meetup’. Here you will be able to search for every meetup that is scheduled to happen across the UK so you can contact the organiser if you want to attend. The following organisers are some of which you can find on the site who have been holding meetups regularly for a number of years.

Ladies that UX

The aim of this meetup is to exchange experiences, collectively come up with solutions and support each other in your professional and personal life. The meetups are held around the UK and the organiser was founded in 2014. They often hold meetups two or three times a month.

Women Who Code

This global network gives you the chance to meetup with other women to educate and connect with each other on coding, development and design. This group arranges meetups as they want the world to consist of women tech leaders, executives, founders and board members. They hold meetups in London, Bristol, Belfast and Edinburgh and were founded in 2014. They hold weekly meetups to accommodate everyone.

Code First: Girls

This meetup is to support women who want to develop their skills and connect with others. It also offers training to companies who want to train their staff and change their policies, so they don’t miss out on female tech talent. These meetups are held mainly in London but also in other cities across the UK and were founded in 2013. They usually hold meetups once a month.


Codebar is a non-profit initiative that runs workshops to help grow the diverse tech community. Their aim is to enable underrepresented people in tech to learn programming in a safe environment to expand their career opportunities. Codebar was founded in 2013 and they hold events every month across the UK and overseas.

10 Digital Ladies

These meetups by 10 digital ladies are small and informal and they are created to support women in the tech industry. It provides women with a place to discuss issues that relate to their careers and to discuss solutions to help them reach their full career potential. They are held every month in various venues in London and were founded in 2014.