Women in Technology Awards

women in technology awardsWomen are still extremely underrepresented in the tech industry today and they experience some barriers when trying to progress within the sector. With only 17% of the technology workforce being women, it is evident to see the gender imbalance in the industry. An increasing number of women working in the tech sector could generate an extra £2.6 billion a year for the UK economy. Having a diverse team is beneficial to businesses as it has been shown to increase the performance and financial income of an organisation.

The lack of female role models in tech has caused there to be a small talent pool of women for businesses to choose from. It can also be intimidating for women when they enter a male dominated sector, so women in tech or women in IT awards have been created to recognise their hard work and help to encourage more women into the industry.

Women in technology awards have been an annual event since around 2005. They were created to influence and impact the way we see women and the achievements that have made. The women that are nominated for the awards are those who have encouraged and made a change in the workplace for women. Today, there are several women in technology awards that take place in the UK, most of which you can join in with and attend. Below are a few which are UK based and free to nominate.

Women in IT awards

The women in IT awards is a global award series that aims to tackle and redress the gender imbalance. They do this by showcasing the achievements made by women in the technology industry and recognise new role models. The women in IT awards launched in 2015 and is organised by the technology site Information Age. The awards have showcased women in London, New York, Ireland and Silicon Valley. However, this year they are planning on expanding to Asia, Berlin and Canada to celebrate and host women in IT awards. The series is growing every year and aims to be recognised throughout different countries that highlights and celebrates women’s efforts to change the gender imbalance in technology.


Everywomen in tech awards is another awards ceremony that you can find hosted in London this year. They have been creating women in technology awards since 2014 and have had successful events with returning women. EveryWomen awards that are held every year are for women at any stage of their career including students, apprentices who are passionate about technology, as well as senior women who are well established on the career ladder. The women in technology awards are free to enter and range from rising stars to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Their main aim from hosting these women in technology awards are to encourage more women and young girls into the tech industry and to consider a career in the fast pace sector.

Women in Tech Awards (West Midlands)

The women in tech awards is an opportunity to highlight and recognise the on-going efforts and achievements made by women in the tech sector. As women are less confident in entering the tech sector, the Women in Tech awards are aiming to encourage and shine the spotlight on all women who are making a name for themselves within the industry. By presenting these awards, the organisation hoes to encourage young girls into the industry to start a career in the growing industry. Women in tech awards have several awards you can nominate people for, and nominating is free. The awards ceremony will be held in Birmingham later this year!

We are Tech Women Awards

The We are Women in Tech Awards were created to highlight and help generate more female role models in the industry. In 2017 they introduced their TechWomen50 where 50 women won awards for their efforts in tech. In 2018, they expanded their awards to TechWomen100 where 100 women won women in technology awards. People could nominate women under four categories; individuals, champion, networks and company. All the people nominated had to be working in the UK and show commitment towards technology. Each award ceremony is held around the end of the year in London, so keep your eyes open for dates and nominations.

Women in Tech Employer Awards

The Women in Tech employer awards were created in 2018 to give employers recognition who are trying to close the gender gap within tech. Anyone can nominate a company for these awards, it can either be the company you are working for or a company you feel deserve some recognition. There are a variety of categories that you can nominate companies for, some of which are; Female Grad Tech Employer, Female Tech Employer, Recruitment Campaign and Women in Tech Network. Over the past year, Women in Tech have added 5 new categories to expand and include more companies within the technology sector. The women in technology awards are free to enter and will open on the 1st March 2019.