A Day In The Life at Clifford Chance

When looking for an opportunity in the technology sector, you might often wonder what it’s like to work in the roles you’re applying to. Although job descriptions provide a summary of the key responsibilities, it doesn’t give you an idea of how your workday might pan out once you’re in the role. Moreover, given the diverse nature of careers in IT, distinct roles can lead to different day-to-day experiences for the individuals occupying these positions.

Keep reading to hear from Madeleine, a Legal Technology Advisor at our employer partner, Clifford Chance to find out how a typical day looks for her.

Madeleine Seth

A day in the life at Clifford Chance

My name is Madeleine Seth and I work as Legal Technology Advisor at Clifford Chance. My day begins with a coffee, and this is my quiet hour, the time I dedicate to sorting through my emails and identifying the most pressing tasks for the day. This time shapes the rest of my day, enabling me to tackle my responsibilities in a focused way.

After I’ve caught up with my emails, I move on to my one-to-one meeting with my manager. Our catchups are helpful; they’re a chance to review the previous week’s progress and to discuss the key points of my current projects. It’s a collaborative environment where I can address any challenges or concerns. During these meetings, I refine my task list, setting clear goals for the days to come.

A significant portion of my day is dedicated to liaising with different internal teams, discussing ideas around the practical applications of our firm’s new AI tools. We talk about the tests we’ve conducted and strategize on how to implement these tools to improve our legal services.

In the afternoon, I attend meetings, most commonly centred at the minute around the firm’s latest AI tools. I discuss and provide input on strategic conversations and discuss steps to move projects forward. I collaborate closely with my team to ensure everyone is up to speed with the technology’s capabilities and potential uses. Other meetings consist of progress check-ins with lawyers and other internal teams for ongoing client facing projects.

Towards the end of the day, I complete urgent or outstanding tasks. This could be anything from testing of new use cases we have discussed within the day to completing set up of a client site to run through with the lawyers.

Before I log off and head home, I check my personal to-do list and mark off things completed. This is also a good time to re-prioritise for the next day and prepare for any meetings I have tomorrow.

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