creative jobs in tech

8 creative jobs in tech

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Many people think that to work in tech, you need to be good at STEM subjects, and be ‘geeky’. However, this couldn’t be more wrong, as there is a huge demand for creatives within the technology industry. From designing the front-end of websites and apps to leading a content strategy, there are plenty of roles […]

gender diversity in gaming

Gender diversity in the gaming industry

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The gaming industry sits in a hybrid location between the technology and creative industries. Similar to the IT sector as a whole, there is a severe imbalance when it comes to gender representation in the industry, with current figures suggesting just 28% of the workforce are women. And the misrepresentation runs even deeper when it […]

programming languages

How to choose the right programming language to learn

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Programming is a career choice which is in high demand, with Forbes estimating that the global number of software developers will grow to 45 million by 2030. But with the Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages reporting just under a staggering 9,000 programming languages in existence, choosing which one to learn first can be a […]

software developer and software engineer

Software Developer vs Software Engineer: what’s the difference?

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Many companies use the titles ‘Software Developer’ and ‘Software Engineer’ interchangeably, so it’s not surprising that they are sometimes confused with one another. The roles are similar and do work on parts of the same areas, but there are some differences between the two roles. In this article, we look at the key differences between […]

woman working in engineering

Women in engineering

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The engineering and manufacturing industry is one of the UK’s biggest, with 5.5 million workers across the nation. It covers a huge number of varied areas, from food manufacturing to aerospace engineering. However, like many technology sectors, the gender balance is significantly weighted towards males. However, research shows that the number of women in engineering […]

cybersecurity needs women

Why cybersecurity needs more women

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Cybercrime is on the rise. Businesses, organisations, and individuals are more likely to be targeted with cybercrime in 2023, and this is a problem that is growing rather than subsiding. Given this fact, you might assume that the cybersecurity industry is effectively equipping itself to strike back and cause problems for cybercriminals. However, the truth […]

women in SEO

6 reasons why women should consider a career in SEO

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It’s no secret that technical sectors are male-dominated, and will continue to be for some time. The Women in Tech Survey 2023 highlights that women still only account for over a quarter (26.7%) of the IT workforce, which, while still small, is representative of a field experiencing growth, inclusivity and progression. If recent trends are […]

woman working in cybersecurity

5 reasons you should consider a career change to cybersecurity

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It’s no secret that women are underrepresented in tech. Although numbers are slowly creeping up we still only comprise 26% of the industry. The reasons why are myriad, ranging from a lack of visible role models, to fewer women choosing STEM subjects at degree level, to gender bias in recruitment. Are we missing out? Without […]

woman writing code on computer

Women in coding

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In the UK, we’re facing a skills shortage in tech – last year there were more than 2 million vacancies in IT which is more than any other sector. The areas lacking skilled individuals most are cybersecurity, data analysis and coding. Simply put, coding – also known as programming – is the process of writing […]

woman in artificial intelligence

Why are there so few women in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

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Artificial intelligence is one of the world’s fastest growing tech sectors. In 2021, the AI market size was valued at $93.5bn and is predicted to expand at a growth rate of 38.15 between 2022 and 2030. Due to the huge demand of technologies like smart home, digital assistants and self-driving vehicles, AI is believed by […]