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The Future is Female: Opportunities for Women in AI

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The global pandemic has had a varying impact on different tech sectors, but for Artificial Intelligence, the demand for more experts and professionals in the industry is expected to boom. In fact, according to recent research, the AI jobs market is expected to see a growth of up to 16% in the next year. As […]

top 10 role models for women in fintech

Top 10 Role Models for Women in FinTech

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Find out more and apply to the latest vacancies in Fintech: Jobs at Lloyds Banking Group Jobs at Coventry Building Society Jobs at Starling Bank   Financial Technology is an emerging and revolutionary technology sector that uses technological innovation to improve upon the way financial services operate. The FinTech sector currently generates an approximate revenue […]

The Rise of Women Taking Jobs in Engineering

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Traditionally, engineering has been a male dominated job. In the past, few women entered STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related careers. However, the situation is starting to change. This change is important because there is currently a skills shortage within the engineering industry. This means that it’s vital for engineering candidates to be sourced […]

attract women into senior positions

How to attract women into senior positions

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The issue of how to attract women into senior positions in tech is dominating the tech industry. Increasing and sustaining equality and diversity in the workplace is becoming a topic that is frequently discussed in technology. With there being a lot of focus on creating a diverse workforce and attracting women into the industry, some […]

women in tech

How to get started in IT Security

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IT or Cyber Security is the information technology processes and practices that protect computers, networks, data and programmes from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access. IT Security plays a crucial role within the government, finance companies, military, hospitals and most private business who store a large amount of data in their computer systems. There are a number […]

women in tech

How to become a Software Developer

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The demand for software developers is ever increasing so there is no time like the present to start your career! To become a software developer, having a practical knowledge of programming skills such as java and visual basic would be extremely beneficial. The main skills employers will be looking for in a software developer are […]