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We are creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive Phoenix Group, where everyone feels they belong. We’re the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement business. Our vision is to help more people on their journey to and through retirement. Our c.12 million customers help us to understand that the journey can be as unique as the person making it.

With 7,800 employees, a powerful voice and shared purpose of helping people secure a life of possibilities, we have the scale and ambition to make better longer lives a reality for all.

We want to reflect the customers we serve and the communities we operate in. We’re striving to make sure our workplace is diverse. A place where all colleagues are treated with respect and dignity and able to bring their whole self to work..

We’re contributing to UK-wide DE&I initiatives, shaping inclusive policies to benefit not just our colleagues and customers but the wider UK society.

Building a diverse workforce allows us to attract the best talent, broaden our skillsets and widen our thinking. Ultimately, it helps us deliver the best outcomes for our customers.

Gender balance is one of the key areas of focus in our DEI strategy, and we have committed to a goal that by the end of 2025, 42% of our senior leaders will be women. We are making great progress on this target so far with 39.1% of women in senior leadership roles at the end of 2023. We have been placed at #12 in the FTSE 100 rankings for Women leaders.

We believe removing barriers by creating diverse and inclusive workplaces will lead to more productive and connected societies and will allow us to serve our customers better.

All jobs are advertised as open to any kind of flexibility, including job share and part time working.

Our flagship scheme, Changing the Game, has a 50:50 male-female split, allowing all high-potential people to learn from each other, be heard and understood and foster a culture of allyship.


We’ll offer you a competitive base salary to get you started, but we’re not done there! We offer lots of other benefits that make up your total package.

  • 38 days annual leave, including bank holidays
  • Private medical cover including access to an experienced menopause trained GP (24/7 Anytime HealthLine available)
  • 6 months of paid leave for non-birthing parents
  • Back to work coaching and support and the option for new parents to phase return to work over two months
  • Fertility support (£15,000 of IVF included)
  • 10 days paid carers leave and the same for fertility treatment
  • Up to 12 weeks of paid leave for neonatal care
  • Assessments for neurodiverse conditions

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Wellbeing and Menopause Support:

With around a third of our lives spent working, we believe the world needs employers who believe colleague wellbeing is a priority. Organisations where care for the whole person is integrated into the very fabric of the company – from on-boarding, to hybrid working, to our culture, and to our benefits packages.

We believe having a healthy mind is just as important as being physically fit. We strive to create a supportive wellbeing culture where everyone can talk openly about their mental health and improve our collective understanding. We also have a network of experienced Mental Health First Aiders, who are trained to listen, support and signpost to internal and external resources.

We want Phoenix to be the best place any of us have ever worked, in every life stage, so menopause awareness and support are an important part of our Wellbeing programmes – both for those experiencing symptoms and their managers. Menopause can be a challenging time for many women, but with understanding and support from managers and colleagues, its impact on professional life can be significantly reduced.

Encouraging and Celebrating Flexibility:

Phoenix Flex is our approach to flexible working, offering everyone the best possible experience and balance between work and personal lives.

We value people over places. We prize performance over hours spent. We’re dedicated to supporting you to be at your best and will help you to design your working week. All jobs are advertised as flexible and Phoenix Flex helps us to achieve our ambition to be the best place that any of us have ever worked.

With 7,800 colleagues, it’s not a one size fits all. Our customer and business needs are at the heart of what we’re about, but we know these can be met in a number of different ways. Flexible working is a core part of our employee offering and it’s advertised as standard on all our job adverts, including being open to part-time and job share arrangements. And we’ll continue to develop this further.

Find out more about flexible working at here.

“I started as a Pensions Administrator when I first joined the company. Since then, I have worked in Finance, Mortgages, Testing and then onto Analysis where I became a Lead managing others to develop in their role. The company is large, and opportunities are presented regularly to allow you to try out jobs you may have an interest in until you find the right job for you. The company also supports staff in life changing events allowing me to go part time and then when the kids are older to increase my hours to ensure I have the right work life balance.”

Phoenix“As a senior manager, my days can be pretty full on. I started Phoenix Flex where I condense my full-time hours into 4.5 days. I can get ahead on my jobs I need to do in the home, which I normally spend half of my weekend doing, so it allows me to then be able to relax and enjoy my weekend with my family. It has really helped manage my work life balance. I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.”

“Like most people, I only thought that this kind of thing was for new parents, not someone my age trying to progress in her career. And guess what – I was wrong, so wrong.

I can honestly say that it’s the best decision I have ever made and I thank my manager for supporting me in this decision. Just having that time after school with is great, we can go on our adventures or pop to the shops without me having to clock watch, and this time and balance is really improving my mental health. This really is for everyone, whatever your circumstances, have a discussion – what you got to lose? Nothing.”

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Colleague Networks:

Our networks are open to everyone and are founded and run by colleagues, for colleagues. They work to promote the interests of colleague groups and support us as a business to be truly inclusive.

We’re really proud of our eleven colleague networks, each network is sponsored by members of the Executive Committee, demonstrating the importance placed on colleague empowerment, collaboration, and their role in promoting an inclusive place to work. These networks include Families, Carers, Mind Matters and Balance to promote an inclusive working environment for all.

Find out more about our colleague networks here.




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