How do I get into tech?

It’s not unheard of that the technology sector can offer a lot of employment opportunities. However, it has become apparent that several tech companies have trouble finding tech talent. The tech talent gap continues to grow, and within the decade there will be thousands of tech positions that will need to be filled. It is often that when looking for a new job you will come across countless of tech jobs which you may feel are out of your reach. But a tech career is easily attainable for people from many different backgrounds, sometimes you just need a little help on where to start.

Aside from those who have completed a four-year degree in IT, there are other pathways you can take when changing careers and to get into tech. In other words, anyone can dive into a career in tech who is looking for a challenging project. To help you with your career change, we have listed some of the ways you can get into tech.

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How do I get into tech? 8 steps to take

1. Explore what type of role you’re looking for

Before diving in to learn new skills and build a portfolio on what you have learnt, it is important that you take time to research and understand what roles exist in the tech industry. If you feel excited or are passionate about a certain career, the extra motivation will help you when making the transition. You may not get your dream job straight away, so be prepared to work hard. Getting into the tech industry with no or little experience is about working your way up and excelling in early roles.

2. Learn tech skills

Learning some tech skills is an important thing to look at when trying to get into the tech industry. Although studying a four-year degree may not be on the cards, there are other resources, education and training that are easily accessible to help you learn new skills. Before searching for courses online, it is beneficial to figure out what type of field you would like to enter. Once you have established the field you would like to enter, it is always worth reaching out to others in that field to see what programmes and courses are beneficial. If programming is your thing, some of the best skills to start learning are HTML and maybe JavaScript.

3. Take on technical mini projects

The best way to get yourself into technology is by throwing yourself in the deep end and starting to tackle mini projects. You can find mini projects online or set yourself goals that you need to complete. These mini projects can be completed in your spare time or alongside your current role. Building your experience and developing your knowledge within the tech industry will help you to build your portfolio for when you start to apply for jobs. These mini projects can be in a field where you want to develop or if you want to gain some experience in other areas in tech.

4. Look into getting a mentor

Getting a mentor at any stage of your life is beneficial and doesn’t just have to be when you’re trying to learn something new and get into tech. Working with someone who is already tech savvy and has experience in the field you’re looking to get into is a great way to develop your skills. Sometimes it can be difficult to teach yourself everything online and you’re bound to have questions that you want to ask, so having a mentor is perfect for those moments. Ideally you can arrange dates to meet with your mentor, or you can speak more regularly over the phone. Find someone who you can learn from and alternatively could learn from you.

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5. Network

Making connections is really important when you’re trying to break into the technology industry. Attending meetups and conferences is a great way of getting yourself out there, it doesn’t have to be awkward or difficult as you can attend meetups aimed at those who are new to the industry. Meeting like-minded people is also another way to gain more skills, expand on the ones you already have and even teach others what you have learnt already. Networking also gives you a feel for how different companies operate and implement tech skills into their businesses. The more you network, the more your chances increase of securing yourself a job within in a tech position. Women in Tech have a dedicated private LinkedIn group which currently has over 5,000 women working in technology roles as members. It’s a great place to network, find people who are in similar positions to you and get advice and help. You can join the group here.

6. Training

Signing up to training programmes is a great way to learn new skills when wanting to enter the technology industry. You can either go to courses in cities close to you or you can attend courses online to help develop knowledge and gain experience.

7. Keep your CV up to date

This might sound like an obvious point, but the technology sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world, so as a result trends and in-demand skills are ever-changing. Updating your CV with any technical skills you have as well as soft skills is hugely important to make your application stand out from others. It’s also key to keep your finger on the pulse and know which tech skills are in demand, so you can put yourself in the best possible position. Tech is all about continuous learning and development.

8. Look for jobs in the right place

When you do come to the stage where you’re looking for a job in tech, use all resources available to widen your search and give yourself the best chance of finding the right role for you. Niche job sites like Women in Tech jobs are much more targeted, and you’ll find jobs from employers who are passionate about nurturing female tech talent and improving their diversity and inclusion.

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