Madgex – Jessica Vine, Service Manager

Jessica Vine, Service Manager at Madgex on her experience and thoughts on women in tech.


  1. What does your job role involve?

Triaging bug reports, scoping change requests, product expertise, reviewing client site performance and suggesting improvements, first-line support, monitoring scheduled tasks, prioritising workflow.


  1. What made you choose a career in technology?

It’s always been something I was interested in from a young age so when the opportunity arose I was glad to get involved.


  1. Did you study an IT or technology related subject at A-Level or University?



  1. Did you get any work experience in IT or technology before this role?

Yes, I’ve been working in software support roles and SaaS businesses for 15 years.


  1. Do you think there is a lack of females in the IT and tech sector?

Definitely, some tech companies might have good gender balance in senior management or C-suite positions but the balance is still heavily skewed towards men in technical roles and women (not “females”!) in support and administrative roles


  1. Do you find there is a stereotype that a career in IT or technology is just for men?

I don’t think the active stereotype is still there at an overt level in the industry, but I do believe that the stereotypes about behaviours and gender roles get instilled at a very young age and extrapolate out into systemic imbalance in the workplace as we get older.


  1. What would entice women to study technology related courses?

Having courses that are run by women, clubs and extra curricular activities which are aimed more at women, shout more about companies like Gadgette and Ada’s List who are actively out there promoting women in tech.


  1. Are there barriers when it comes to women getting into tech?

Yes. The barriers aren’t as tough to overcome as they were but they are still there and it’s very much about that grass roots change in perception that begins at school and even before then.


  1. How could we encourage more women to start a career in tech?

The entire industry needs to be more encouraging, showcasing success stories and representing women and particularly women of colour so that other women have role models to look up to and can be more confident that their gender won’t be a barrier to accessing the tech world.