Why We Need More Women in Senior Roles

women senior rolesWomen Senior Roles

Gender diversity is a subject that should be taken seriously by those at the top of any organisation. There is plenty of evidence that shows more female leaders will improve performance of private and public sector organisations. Below are just three key reasons to promote gender diversity:


Be more representative of your customers…

For the majority of organisations, customers and users will be representative of the UK population which actually has (roughly) the same amount as women as it does men. Therefore, having women in senior roles makes it easier to understand your customers and users as your organisation will reflect them in its leadership and workforce. If you do not have any women in senior roles in your organisation, you may be missing out on the most talented employees.


Missing out on possible talent…

Results wise in educations, girls do better than boys and those who perform well in school and university tend to do the same in the workplace. So it makes sense for organisations to offer a work environment to appeal to the best performers from our education system.


The risk of your organisations reputation…

Having a lack of diversity in an organisation can make it look out of touch and you risk losing customers and missing out on talented staff. Companies that have an unequal workforce find it difficult to create the right impression and be taken seriously.


The number of women working in, what used to be seen as ‘male dominated roles’ has increased but there is still a concerning gender divide in the majority of sectors, not just in the UK but all over the world. Without diversity, organisations risk groupthink and can miss ideas and opportunities for improvement.


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