Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

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The benefits of job sharing for women in tech

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  What is job sharing? Flexible working is becoming a more popular way of working, especially amongst women. Having a good work life balance is becoming increasingly important to employees, and employers are starting to implement strategies to help with retention. Job sharing for women in tech is a form of part time work where […]


Women’s health in the workplace

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A recent report from the Work Foundation has revealed that under-recognised health conditions could affect women’s productivity in the workplace and damage their careers and potential to grow. Conditions such as endometriosis or infertility, long term conditions during pregnancy and women who experience menopause are still going unrecognised in the workplace. Without support from their […]

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Tackling unconscious bias in recruitment

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Unconscious bias can affect every organisation and can introduce unintentional discrimination. It has been found that unconscious bias can have an impact on recruitment, mentoring and promotions within an organisation. This not only causes setbacks for the company but hinders equal opportunities for employees to progress in the company. It is possible to be bias […]

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Best technology companies for women

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When it comes to equal opportunity in the workplace, the odds are still stacked against women. Only 22% of leadership roles are held by women and the gender pay gap revealed an even bigger disparity. Several factors contribute to the figures revealed in the gender pay gap report which include, gender biases, inflexible working and […]


How to fuel girls enthusiasm for tech at a young age

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It has become apparent that the lack of technology talent is down to the lack of young girls choosing technology as a career path. The perception of working in technology for a number of young people is either geeky or being hunched over at a computer for hours. However, the truth of it is that […]


Almost half of women in tech say their company isn’t prioritising diversity

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The tech industry is more than aware that it has some work to do regarding gender and racial diversity. It seems that tech companies are bringing in new initiatives every month to show their support and commitment to fixing this issue. Whilst many tech companies are placing successful initiatives to close the gender gap and […]


Why tech companies may struggle with retaining women in tech

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In the tech industry, women hold less than a fifth of technical roles and are 45% more likely to leave the field than men. There are many reasons why women re think their careers within the tech industry, so what are companies doing to help with retaining women in tech and why are they struggling […]

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Survival tips for women in tech

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Why do women leave the tech industry? In 1984, 37% of computer science degrees were held by women, however today, that number has significantly dropped to just 19%. It has become evident that 45% of women who enter the technology industry are likely to leave compared to their male peers. There are a few reasons […]


Women in STEM Role Models

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Studies have shown that having a more diverse workforce and voices in STEM fields is critical for growth and innovation. However, there are only 25% of women in STEM and efforts to expand female interest in STEM fields aren’t working as well. Along with required efforts from parents, activists and educators, women in STEM role […]


Odgers Berndtson study reveals Women in Tech leaders out earn men for the first time

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A global study by Odgers Berndtson has revealed that women leaders in technology double the share of top roles and are out earning men for the first time. The firm has seen numbers rise over the years of women in senior positions within the technology sector and have recently launched a mentoring initiative for women. […]