Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

get into tech

How Do I Get into Tech?

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It’s not unheard of that the technology sector can offer a lot of employment opportunities. However, it has become apparent that several tech companies have trouble finding tech talent. The tech talent gap continues to grow, and within the decade there will be thousands of tech positions that will need to be filled. It is […]

increasing women in tech

Melinda Gates’ Nonprofit Launches $50m Project Aimed at Increasing Women in Tech

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The nonprofit company founded by Melinda Gates has just launched a $50 million project to influence tech hubs in the US to become more inclusive places for women. The initiative aims to increase the representation of females in the tech industry. As the technology industry grows and expands beyond the mothership of Silicon Valley, now is an […]

the motherhood penalty

The Motherhood Penalty and The Gender Gap in Tech

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According to new statistics from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, the global gender gap in various industries, as well as tech, is not expected to close until 2120. Yet it seems like more and more organisations are working to narrow the gender gap in tech by encouraging women to apply for tech […]

The Rise of Women Taking Jobs in Engineering

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Skyscanner are currently hiring for a number of exciting engineering roles. Find out more, and apply here. Traditionally, engineering has been a male dominated job. In the past, few women entered STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related careers. However, the situation is starting to change. This change is important because there is currently a […]

5 benefits of returnships

4 Benefits of Returnships for UK Businesses

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Returnships are effectively high level internship programmes that enable people returning to work following a career break to get back into their senior roles, ensuring their existing skills are up-to-date and improved before they fully immerse themselves back into their careers. They have only been a concept in UK businesses for around 6 years so […]

4 key benefits of inclusion in the workplace

4 Key Benefits of Inclusion in the Workplace

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There’s a myriad of benefits for companies and organisations to foster a more diverse and inclusive workplace. With the Millennial and Gen Z generations being the most diverse in history it is important now more than ever to get serious about inclusion in the workplace. The upcoming generation of workers will be the most diverse […]

10 varied jobs for women in tech

It’s Not Just Programming! 8 Varied Jobs for Women in Tech

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If you are interested in a career in tech but not necessarily in programming or coding specifically, there are plenty of opportunities in the technology sector that require no coding skills at all. The talent pool is broad in tech, and the demand for varied skills is expanding further still as technology is incorporated into […]

top 10 female tech vloggers on youtube

Top 10 Female Tech Vloggers on YouTube

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Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has seen some phenomenal growth with around 2bn logged in users each month. YouTube is accessible in over 80 languages and in over 91 countries, and according to recent statistics this means around 95% of the population have access to YouTube without language being a barrier. That same research has also revealed a glimpse into the future of viewing habits, with 6 out of 10 people preferring online video platforms to traditional TV[…]

starting a women's network

5 Top Tips for Starting a Women’s Network at Your Company

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Women’s network groups connect women from all different departments within a business, to share experiences, brainstorm new initiatives, and increase connections. It’s important to clarify the logistics of setting up your women’s network in order to set the group up for success. Fundamentals to think about are group structure, meeting places and times, core focuses, […]

company ethics in tech

Company Ethics: The Key to Boosting Diversity in the UK Tech Sector in 2020

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Key findings from a new survey conducted by travel tech giant Trainline have given the tech sector a boost of optimism about what the future holds with regards to more diversity and gender balance in tech. The survey was answered by 1,000 people currently working in tech, and was aimed at gauging the UK tech […]