StepStone – Elisabeth Wetchy, Junior Full Stack Developer

We interviewed Elisabeth Wetchy, Junior Full Stack Developer at StepStone on her experience and thoughts on women in tech.

1. What made you choose a career in technology?

While doing a computer animation course at university, I discovered that I really enjoyed the programming elements of it – which I’d been very sceptical about before trying! Something about the way problems can be solved via code appealed to me and slotted right into my brain.


2. What field of technology appealed to you the most and why?


After completing my computer animation course and graduating from university, I decided to go down the technical route and joined a software company as part of their technical support team. This allowed me to work alongside software development teams and get to know their process, and soon I decided I wanted to be a developer myself.


3. How did you find the experience of getting into a developer role?

I was looking for a junior developer role when the opportunity at TJG/StepStone came along. I was impressed that there seemed to be such a passion and focus on taking on junior developers and supporting them in their growth, and everyone I spoke to was open and friendly. When I was offered the role there was no doubt in my mind that I’d accept.


4. How have you found your experience being a Woman in Tech so far?

So far, I’ve been getting to know the company, the teams and their work and have found that everyone really cares about their work and getting it right just as much as they care about their colleagues. I look forward to continuing to learn much more!