Successful start-ups by women in the tech industry

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There is an increasing number of stories regarding women in the tech industry who successfully grow their start-up businesses. Below are six examples of tech startups with women at the head of the company.


The first example of women in tech who are making steps to alter the industry are entrepreneurs Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin. Together, they created the App ‘TheSkimm’. This is an application which turns popular news stories in to short headlines that pop up on user’s mobiles. The success of the application is clear, with backing from investors estimated to be around $16 million. Moreover, there is support for the app from celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Mariam Naficy, the CEO and founder of ‘Minted’, produced this app where people can link up with independent artists, to create unique designs ranging from birthday cards to pillow cases. The confidence is clear for Mariam’s online design company, with over $85 million invested into the company. It can be difficult for tech startups to receive backing from investors, but what Mariam has shown is that all women can receive large support with the right idea


In 2015, ‘Away’ co-founders Steph Korey and Jen Rubio started up their smart luggage line, which the co-founders describe as “super luxe suitcases” which are also “extremely affordable.” As part of the suitcase, there is a portable charger which can be used to charge a variety of products. The triumph of the company is clear, with sales surpassing 100,000 cases.


Founded by Gillian Morris, ‘Hitlist’ is a mobile application which enables consumers to purchase cheap deals for their dream holiday locations. When a customer downloads the application, they firstly enter the places they want to visit, and via this information, the app provides customers with the best offers for them to get to their dream location.


“Stilla is a ridiculously simple security system.” This is how Elin Elkehags product has been described by Forbes. A small security system that alerts owners if something has been moved, whether it be car keys, laptops or wallets. Stilla is a great invention for those who like the security and peace of mind that their possessions are always safe.


The final example of a successful tech start-up was created by Shanna Tellerman, an application called ‘Modsy’. The app enables a user to test out new furniture in their room virtually. The success of the idea is evidenced by the backing it receives from investors, with over $13 million already invested into the company.

The achievement of these various start-ups not only impact the tech industry today, but also the future. As more women find success in the industry, it will likely encourage younger women to try and realise the same goals.

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