Top 10 Employers for Women in Tech

When you are looking for a new job, you look to see what benefits or packages a company can offer you because as a woman it can be difficult to balance your work and personal life, especially when you are faced with big changes and challenges. Being deemed as a male dominated sector, it can be hard for women to see how they can progress within the technology department of a company and be shown how they are trying to suppress the stereotype. However, there are a number of companies that are supporting women in tech and are trying to increase their number of female employees. Below in alphabetical order are 10 of the best women in tech employers to work for as a woman in technology:

  1. Accenture  women in tech employers

Accenture is the first women in tech employers who believe that having a rich diversity makes them stronger, innovative, competitive and creative which enables them to give a better service to their clients and communities. They provide a ‘Women in Tech’ programme which helps to fast track careers of high performing women within the company and have been listed in the top 50 employers for women in 2018. By 2020, Accenture commit to increasing the percentage of women in managing director roles by 25% as well as focusing on recruiting 50/50 men and women entry levels and developing gender specific training for those who want to progress.

  1. Arup  women in tech employers

Arup have been providing a supportive workplace and maintaining diverse teams for several years have made it into the top 50 women in tech employers for the seventh time. The company have showed their support to one woman to start up a local business, so she could work nearer to home. Bringing her skills from the technology industry, Lisa Matthews is named as one of the top women in engineering. They have an aspiration to employ 40% of women at all levels, as well as creating a gap for women in senior roles while influencing girls to study STEM subjects at school.

  1. BBC   women in tech employers

Almost half of the BBCs workforce is female (48.7%) and they plan on having a more diverse senior team by 2020. BBC are also introducing a new women’s career development programme for junior and middle management employees. The programme will help in identifying what women want from their professional and personal lives to support them in reaching their full potential. As well as this, the BBC will trial a senior women’s networking programme to provide support in overcoming challenges through group sessions, external networking and training opportunities.

  1. BT   women in tech employers

BT are aiming for 30% of all its executive roles to be filled by women by 2020. The company have devised a programme to help women overcome specific challenges they face within the tech industry. BT have taken a different approach when creating the BT tech women network programme as there are 6 modules within the programme that have been designed by women in the organisation to make it more personal and effective. 245 women have been through the programme so far and they expect to take another 500 2018. BT also have female leaders who have recently received awards for Women of the Future, Every woman in Technology and Rising Stars in Technology.

  1. Capgemini  women in tech employers

One of Capgeminis main goals is to change corporate mentalities through role models from group leaders. In 2012, they launched their ‘Women@Capgemini’ global programme which was supported by their Chairman and CEO, Paul Hermelin to set guidelines within the business around gender balance and influence all talents within the organisation to deliver results and give women equal opportunities and chances. He also set up this programme in hope that other regions around the world will create a programme like Women@Capgemini.

  1. Costain  women in tech employers

Costain have been committed when addressing their gender balance and they want to see more women represented in senior roles. They have been recognised as one of the top 50 women in tech employers in 2018 for increasing their percentage of females in senior roles from 10% to 18%. Their executive female representation in the company is sitting at 22% but they are aiming to increase that to more than 25%. To achieve this, Costain are aiming to achieve the FTSE 100 target of 33% of their executive positions to be filled by women by 2020.

  1. Fujistu   women in tech employers

In 2017, 49% of graduates were female and Fujitsu have doubled their number of females in recognition of their excellence who are distinguished engineers. By 2020, their vision is to attain a 30% female employment rate and they are currently sitting at 24%. Fujitisu’s chairman, Michael Keegan has stated that the company will try to influence more girls into taking STEM subjects by engaging with schools and providing girls with more STEM role models.

  1. Google  women in tech employers

Google have invested in a group called ‘Made with code’ which they launched in 2014. This group is to help empower young women and girls in school with tech skills via projects. Although the stereotypes they face with the media remain a barrier, googles hires in tech have increased from 20.8% to 24.5% showing their focus on hiring more women within the tech sector is having an impact.

  1. IBM   women in tech employers

IBM have invested in two programmes to help improve representation of women in senior and executive roles. IBM pathways to technical leadership and IBM tech re-entry were designed to help women identify their career aspirations and help women who had been out of the industry for some years. Both programmes provide mentoring and a chance to develop their skills to help them succeed. IBM believe in creating workplace cultures that bring authenticity to the office to ensure people feel confident in their work. To keep women from exiting the workplace mid-career because of the struggle of balancing family and work, IBM have invested in an early intervention programme to ensure women can ask for support.

  1. Sky  women in tech employers

Sky is the final company of the women in tech employers that has several programmes that can help women in tech to develop their skills within the sector. The Women in Leadership programme sponsors and trains for the next generation of female leaders. The 12-month programme provides women with the help to identify and deliver new opportunities and ensuring there are a strong pool of women for roles. Over time, Sky wants to move the gender balance to a 50/50 split. Women in Technology and Engineering aims to provide a unique support for women with little knowledge or no previous experience with some skills which are necessary to start a career in the tech industry.