Top 7 Inspiring Podcasts for Women in Tech

Podcasts are a highly accessible resource to gain insight and inspiration on women’s experiences in the tech industry. Anywhere you are able to use your phone, tablet or other device you can access an empowering, educating and inspiring podcast. It’s never been easier to learn on the go.

podcasts for women in tech

There are hundreds of podcasts for women in tech available for download across various channels such as Spotify, Google Play, Player FM and iTunes. We’ve compiled a list of inspiring podcasts ranging from interviews with prominent women in the industry, to more informal chatty podcasts full of tips on how to balance life and work. We hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as we do!

thewomenintechshow1. The Women in Tech Show hosted by Edaena Salinas

With over 100 episodes available, ‘The Women in Tech Show’ has a vast coverage of topics for women in IT throughout each interview with a diverse pool of women currently in technology. Examples of discussion areas are AI, software design, engineering, developing, design and general career advice. Host Edaena Salinas is a Software Engineer who recognizes the need to promote awareness of the many women currently shaping the future of technology.

somethingventured 2. Something Ventured – Silicon Valley Podcast hosted by Kent Lindstrom

This podcast explores some interesting and genuine insights behind the Silicon Valley headlines. Host Kent Lindstrom talks to both up-and-coming and experienced technology professionals. The result is a podcast full of rich discussions on everything from Silicon Valley politics, to start-ups and industry trends. The podcast currently has 100 episodes and plenty of those include interviews with women working in Silicon Valley. It’s a great listen for women looking for some inspiring female role models working in tech.

womentechcharge3. Women Tech Charge hosted by Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE, CEO of

Women Tech Charge’ is full of intelligent and funny conversations with entrepreneurs and inventors in technology. The podcast is sincere in its approach, and is great for people who just want to listen to real and honest stories! Whether they are about success or stories about difficult but invaluable lessons learnt through failure. After a successful first series, series 2 is launching on 8th October 2019 and will feature a new set of passionate and inspiring women in tech.

witty4. Witty: Women in Tech Talk to Yaz hosted by Yasmin Alameddine

With 25k listeners in over 45 countries, this Bi-weekly podcast is a growing community of female pioneers. Yasmin Alameddine hosts conversations with innovating women such as Instagram Data Scientists, Technology Influencers and founders of Bumble. This podcast is an opportunity to learn how women in tech landed their first jobs after graduation, as well as the challenges they’ve faced during their careers and how they have been able to successfully navigate the tech industry

shediditherway5. She Did It Her Way hosted by Amanda Boleyn

This podcast has 300 episodes of entrepreneurial advice on how to launch your own business. There’s something for everyone in this with interview topics ranging from astrology to motivation tips for getting things done even when you don’t feel like it. If you are a tech entrepreneur and need a resource to inspire you to bring your dreams into reality, ‘She Did It Her Way’ host Amanda Boleyn delivers inspiring weekly episodes which could help you fine tune your plans and goals with strategic advice.

unchained6. Unchained Podcast hosted by Laura Shin

Hosted by Laura Shin, previous Senior Editor of Forbes blockchain tech and cryptocurrency coverage, this is one for all things crypto! Discussions range from crypto regulation, protecting financial freedoms in the digital age, and why bitcoin matters. Podcast guests include a variety of experienced professionals from different tech sectors such as FinTech, healthcare and the government. If you’re interested in how blockchain and cryptocurrency will open up a world of opportunity for both startups and everyday people, this podcast is your winner.

download7. Leaders With Babies by Leaders Plus

‘Leaders With Babies’ launched just last week and is a new podcast from Leaders Plus, an award-winning social enterprise dedicated to supporting parents of young children who are ambitious about their career whilst caring deeply about being a good parent.

CEO and Founder Verena Hefti interviews inspiring leaders from all walks of life who have successfully combined a leadership career with raising a young family, including Dame Helena Morrissey (Head of Personal Investing, Legal and General), Dame Jane Dacre (President of MPS) plus lots of other incredible women who have amazing insights to share.

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