Women in IT – How to gain that competitive edge

career tips for women in technologyThe Information Technology or IT sector has been one of the industries which were historically heavily male dominated, but now this situation is reversing as more and more women see this as a viable career. Nowadays women are taking up roles as Programme Managers, IT Directors, CIOs and more technical positions as Developers, Enterprise Architects and Systems Analysts. The skills required to perform in these challenging IT roles is not down to the gender of the candidate, but more on whether they have the relevant experience to deliver results and operate within fast-paced technological environments that require a comprehensive knowledge of new innovations.

To compete at this level is difficult but not impossible as many successful women in rewarding IT careers will confirm, but a strong CV is vital to ensure you stand out against other candidates and give you an competitive edge. The common misconception is that IT CV documents need to packed full of technical terminology and this is simply not the case, as ask yourself ‘Would you read a CV that resembled a technical manual?’. There must be a balance between ensuring that the appropriate platforms, tools and applications appear within the CV, in combination with softer skills such as analytical thinking, strategy, leadership and operational management.

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