5 ways to spread kindness at work

Workplace stress is a real issue in the UK. In 2020, it was found that 79% of employees commonly experience workplace stress, making it the most common form of stress in the UK. There are so many contributing factors to why someone might be stressed at work, but one of the easiest ways to combat some of this is to create a positive and kind workplace culture.

With World Kindness Day coming up, we’ve come up with 5 different things you can do at work to spread kindness and positivity. Whether it’s a small act of kindness or a big one, it’s likely to have a lasting impact on both you and the recipient.


world kindness day

1. Offer to help or mentor a colleague

Sometimes it’s hard not to get frustrated when a colleague is struggling to do something for you. 33% of people stated that their workplace stress comes from the work of junior colleagues in their team. But, instead of getting impatient, why not help them to get where they need to be? Or, if you see a colleague who wants to develop themselves, you could become a mentor to them and help them to grow and progress their skills.

2. Say thank you

It’s so easy to forget to thank people for their hard work, but a little appreciative feedback can go a really long way in making someone feel more motivated and positive at work. Annie McKee, author of How to Be Happy at Work, said “We all have a human need to be appreciated for our efforts, and so when your colleagues don’t notice your contributions, it makes you feel as though you don’t belong.”

3. Check in on your colleagues

If you notice a colleague seems a little down or not themselves, just checking in and letting them know you’re there to talk to can be a huge help to them. Remember that we’re all humans and everyone will have things going on at home which might be impacting their working day.

4. Mark notable dates and achievements

Even something as simple as celebrating a colleague’s work anniversary or birthday can create a much more positive atmosphere. It’ll show that your company cares about every individual and values their place in the business. If your employer doesn’t tend to do this, why not suggest that more is done to celebrate these dates?

5. Practice small acts of kindness every day

Something as simple as holding the door for someone seems tiny, but by encouraging small acts of kindness in your workplace, you can spread a positive attitude. Equally, saying thank you when someone shows you goodwill goes a long way too.


It’s so important to spread positivity wherever possible at work, since we spend so much of our time there. Plus, with benefits on mental health, reduced workplace stress and greater retention of staff, it’s a no-brainer to encourage this positive attitude at work. Studies show that people who experience acts of kindness are 278% more likely to pay it forward. So, this #WorldKindnessDay, make it your mission to #MakeKindnessTheNorm.


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