top 10 female tech vloggers on youtube

Top 10 Female Tech Vloggers on YouTube

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Since it launched in 2005, YouTube has seen some phenomenal growth with around 2bn logged in users each month. YouTube is accessible in over 80 languages and in over 91 countries, and according to recent statistics this means around 95% of the population have access to YouTube without language being a barrier. That same research has also revealed a glimpse into the future of viewing habits, with 6 out of 10 people preferring online video platforms to traditional TV[…]

5 top tips for starting a women's network

5 Top Tips for Starting a Women’s Network at Your Company

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Women’s network groups connect women from all different departments within a business, to share experiences, brainstorm new initiatives, and increase connections. It’s important to clarify the logistics of setting up your women’s network in order to set the group up for success. Fundamentals to think about are group structure, meeting places and times, core focuses, […]

company ethics in tech

Company Ethics: The Key to Boosting Diversity in the UK Tech Sector in 2020

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Key findings from a new survey conducted by travel tech giant Trainline have given the tech sector a boost of optimism about what the future holds with regards to more diversity and gender balance in tech. The survey was answered by 1,000 people currently working in tech, and was aimed at gauging the UK tech […]

10 tech companies founded by women

Top 10 Tech Companies Founded by Women

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For women looking to get into or already working in tech visible role models are really important for inspiration and encouragement. It is still the case that the majority of tech companies are owned by men with recent statistics reporting that only 28% of start-ups have a female founder. There are however, some incredible success […]

facts about women in tech

8 Facts About Women in The Tech Industry

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Gender diversity in the workplace is something businesses and organisations have been working towards for decades. For the tech industry in particular the equal representation of women and men may still have decade’s worth of work left to go. As it stands just 17% of the tech workforce are women. To demonstrate in more detail […]

Funding and Business Grants for Women in Tech

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Securing funding and business grants for any small business or start-up is a challenging task. But if you’re a women in tech trying to secure funding it can be especially difficult. Recent research has suggested that men are four times more likely to achieve success pitching for funding for start-ups than women. This may be […]

7 Top Tips for Recruiting Women in Tech

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Sometimes employers may not realise that their recruitment strategy is not appealing for women. From the type of language selected to describe a job to a company’s transparency around equal pay, there are some vital steps to take if you’re passionate about attracting more women to apply for your tech roles. We have put together […]

The Rise of Women Taking Jobs in Engineering

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Traditionally, engineering has been a male dominated job. In the past, few women entered STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related careers. However, the situation is starting to change. This change is important because there is currently a skills shortage within the engineering industry. This means that it’s vital for engineering candidates to be sourced […]

Top 7 Inspiring Podcasts for Women in Tech

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Podcasts are a highly accessible resource to gain insight and inspiration on women’s experiences in the tech industry.  Anywhere you are able to use your phone, tablet or other device you can access an empowering, educating and inspiring podcast. It’s never been easier to learn on the go. There are hundreds of podcasts for women […]

The Women in Tech Graduate Guide

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It is known that there is a lack of women in the technology industry and there is a serious demand for tech talent due to a skills shortage. With just 17% of the technology workforce being women, it is clear that more needs to be done to increase the number of women in tech to […]