Why tech companies may struggle with retaining women in tech

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In the tech industry, women hold less than a fifth of technical roles and are 45% more likely to leave the field than men. There are many reasons why women re think their careers within the tech industry, so what are companies doing to help with retaining women in tech and why are they struggling […]


Mums working from home in IT

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If you have recently had a baby and are worrying about how you will return to tech and the working environment, then perhaps working from home may be an option for you. There are a number of mums working from home in IT, so you will not be the only one who is in your […]


GCHQ’s CyberFirst Girls Competition

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  GCHQ is launching an exciting competition to inspire and encourage young girls to consider a career in cyber security. Teenage girls who spend hours online and on social media could become the UK’s next spies! Girls aged 13 to 15 will complete online tasks on their school computers that will cover logic and coding, […]



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A mentorship is a relationship between a knowledgeable or experienced person who helps a less experienced person. The mentor could be either younger or older than the person being mentored, but the mentor must have an area of expertise. Mentors are helpful because they have a network of business professionals and are willing to share […]


Benefits of Gender Diversity

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Gender diversity is crucial to any workplace. It is already known that the tech industry only has 17% of their roles filled by women, so it is clear that they need to improve on their gender diversity. Tackling gender diversity will hopefully break industry stereotypes, identify the importance of female role models, encourage more girls […]


Top 10 Employers for Women in Tech

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When you are looking for a new job, you look to see what benefits or packages a company can offer you because as a woman it can be difficult to balance your work and personal life, especially when you are faced with big changes and challenges. Being deemed as a male dominated sector, it can […]


Employ and Retain Women in the Tech Industry

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When it comes to the UK tech industry, the balance still tilts in favour of guys. Young women are still under-represented in the uptake of digital qualifications and according to government research* only 17 per cent of women make up the tech workforce. So why should companies care about hiring women? Creating an equal male/female […]

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Unconscious Bias and Gender Stereotypes in STEM

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Gender imbalance in the workplace and, most of all in the STEM sectors, has been highlighted following the 2017 UK Government’s introduction of the reporting of pay gap data. The data has shown further evidence that women’s representation in the tech industries remains very low. For example, in March 2018, Microsoft, one of the biggest […]


Life as Head of Technology at Sky

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Natasha Sayce-Zelem Head of Technology (Digital Service) at Sky, was a proper computer game geek as a kid. So you would assume she would end up in a career in gaming or coding, right? This would have been the case had there been more information about getting into computing at school and dedicated computing classes […]


Top tips on how women can press for progress in their workplace

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Advice by Peninsula Head of Advisory Kate Palmer There is no denying that there is an increasing focus on equality and women’s rights in the workplace. Business issues keep making the headlines, from dress codes requiring women to wear high heels or allegations of sexual harassment, leading to a reminder that further steps can be […]