How women can thrive through menopause

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In this article, Lesley Salem, founder of Over The Bloody Moon tells us how surrounding yourself with like-minded and united women, and keeping track of your self-care can help you to own your menopause. Networks help women thrive through menopause Studies by anthropologists and scientists have found that one of the traits that unite people […]

woman suffering from imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome in tech

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Why am I here? Am I worth what they’re paying me? These thoughts – signs of imposter syndrome – are more common than you might think, with one review suggesting up to 82% of people have experienced it at some point in their life. The tech industry is no different, in fact, over half of […]

woman working in engineering

Women in engineering

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The engineering and manufacturing industry is one of the UK’s biggest, with 5.5 million workers across the nation. It covers a huge number of varied areas, from food manufacturing to aerospace engineering. However, like many technology sectors, the gender balance is significantly weighted towards males. However, research shows that the number of women in engineering […]

woman working in cyber security

Women in Cyber Security

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Cyber security is fast becoming one of the most important areas of the technology sector. Also known as IT security, the department works hard to combat and reduce threats from cyber attacks on the data a company holds online. In the UK, it’s recently been reported that the cyber security industry is worth an estimated […]

women leadership panel

Learning People explore the success of women in tech and leadership

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At Learning People, our inclusive, supportive, and empowering ethos is the very reason we’re able to help people of all sexes, from all backgrounds become the very best version of themselves. Throughout March, we’ve taken a deep dive into our core subject areas of code, project management, and IT to inspire and explore the success […]

stagnant in career

Women four times more likely to feel stagnant in their career since working from home

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Do you feel you’re not moving anywhere in your career? You’re not alone – new research from WildGoose has found that more than half of women (54%) employed in the UK feel their employer isn’t giving them enough options for progression in their career. With the pandemic forcing more remote working, it seems women are […]

Your 2022 blueprint for job hunting in the tech sector

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It has been reported that 4 out of 5 employers are looking to recruit in 2022 with high demand for tech sector professionals. That’s good news for those looking for a new job, but don’t be lulled into a false sense of security – the top jobs will still go to the top candidates, and […]

What can we learn from how Lloyds Banking Group are achieving LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace?

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Employees that identify within the LGBT+ community are more likely to experience workplace conflict or harassment compared to their heterosexual or cisgender equivalents. A 2021 CIPD research report identified that 40% of LGB+ employees and 55% of trans employees have experienced workplace conflict compared to only 29% of heterosexual, cisgender employees. It was also found […]

tech skills

5 tech skills in demand for 2022

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Technology is an ever-growing industry, valued at over £585 billion in the UK, and with the increasing innovations comes a demand for more and more skilled tech workers. This demand is only likely to expand, especially for women. But what tech skills are going to be most in-demand for 2022? In this article we look […]

3 reasons to join the Women in Tech LinkedIn group

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Some people think LinkedIn is just a digital CV where you can show off your employment history, achievements and connections. But there’s loads more to LinkedIn which can help you grow your network and get the most out of the career social networking site. We have our very own group designed for Women in Tech […]