woman working in engineering

Women in engineering

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The engineering and manufacturing industry is one of the UK’s biggest, with 5.5 million workers across the nation. It covers a huge number of varied areas, from food manufacturing to aerospace engineering. However, like many technology sectors, the gender balance is significantly weighted towards males. However, research shows that the number of women in engineering […]

5 Benefits of Working in Tech for Women

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The technology sector has traditionally struggled with gender diversity, but recent data suggests that progress is being made. But all of that is changing as more women enter the industry and show they can be leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. Aside from being female-friendly, jobs in technology also offer flexibility, creativity and high salaries. So, if […]

degree apprenticeship

Degree Apprenticeships for Women in Tech

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Degree Apprenticeships were introduced by the UK government as a response to the skills and talent gap the economy has been suffering from. A degree apprentice splits their time between university studies and the workplace, and gains a salary whilst studying and gaining experience for a degree. But what are degree apprenticeships and what are […]

Getting the most out of training for female employees

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Empowering women in the workplace is an important goal for many companies in their increased efforts to create a more inclusive workplace and close the gender pay gap. Not only that, but many business leaders have recognised that helping women progress individually and collectively – particularly in historically male-dominated industries like tech and IT – […]


How employers can help women return to tech

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There can be many reasons women may have a career break, the most common reasons being childcare and maternity leave (38%). Unfortunately, this can have a negative impact on their career progression and the gender pay gap. In fact, a study by UK-based Institute for Fiscal Studies found that on average, women in paid work […]

How shared parental leave policies can help close the gender gap

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Shared parental leave (SPL) is when the mother shares part of her maternity leave and pay with their partner, so they both have time off to look after their child. It can also be used by parents that are adopting, fostering, or using a surrogate. Gov.uk allows parents to share up to 50 weeks of […]

What is burnout and how to avoid it

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Are you feeling exhausted all the time and feel trapped or defeated? If so, you may be suffering from burnout. In 2019, ‘burnout’ was recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as an ‘occupational phenomenon’ resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed, whether this is due to long-term stress in your […]


6 reasons why so many women leave tech jobs

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A staggering 56% of women leave the tech industry 10-20 years into their careers, which is double the rate of men. With only 26% of the tech force being women in 2022, it is important that companies look into why women are leaving these roles and try to change this, otherwise this percentage will only […]

cybersecurity needs women

Why cybersecurity needs more women

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Cybercrime is on the rise. Businesses, organisations, and individuals are more likely to be targeted with cybercrime in 2023, and this is a problem that is growing rather than subsiding. Given this fact, you might assume that the cybersecurity industry is effectively equipping itself to strike back and cause problems for cybercriminals. However, the truth […]

tech jobs 2023

9 tech jobs growing in demand in the UK for 2023

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Tech is growing at an unprecedented rate, and in 2022 was the UK’s leading sector in terms of growth, more than France and Germany combined. With this increase in value unsurprisingly comes a huge demand for skilled tech individuals. Despite it being a turbulent time, with 70,000 layoffs in January from Big Tech companies like […]