A Woman’s Guide to Breaking Into the Tech Industry

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We live in an incredibly digital world, with the vast majority of us relying heavily on technology in our daily lives. Because of this, the industry offers unparalleled opportunities for lucrative careers with great development paths. Despite this, women still remain underrepresented in the IT sector, with current figures suggesting that just 26% of the […]

How to juggle a tech career with being a Mum

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Balancing motherhood with a career can come with many challenges, leading many women to delay starting a family, especially in fast-paced tech environments. Many women have concerns revolving around potential career setbacks, such as the fear of losing a senior position or facing reduced pay after maternity leave or career breaks for childcare. In the […]

stereotypes in tech

How Stereotypes Deter Women from Tech Careers

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The tech industry has long struggled to attract and retain female talent, with women making up less than 30% of the technical workforce at top companies like Google and Facebook. This gender disparity begins early, with girls often losing interest in computing by junior school, and continuing into university computer science programmes, where women are […]

leadership role

How to transition into your first leadership role

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Transitioning into a leadership position for the first time is an exciting career change with new opportunities for growth and development. However, it can also be a daunting prospect when you have no experience in managing people or delegating work. Recently promoted employees may have clearly excelled in their previous role, but being a good […]

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The top 5 tech jobs in demand for 2024

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The UK tech industry is growing at a rapid pace, with workforce rates expected to double those of other industries by 2030. Each year, IT becomes a more exciting sector to work in, with new technologies and trends emerging all the time. The demand for tech professionals isn’t likely to slow down either; as with […]

Job sharing

What is job sharing & why is it beneficial to women?

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You’ve heard of full-time and part-time work, but have you heard of job sharing? It is a flexible working arrangement that allows two employees to work part-time doing the same job as each other, with the same responsibilities that usually only one person would be doing full-time. This can involve them either working some of […]

Preparing to start a new job in tech

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Starting a new job should be an exciting time. It can also be an unnerving time and the unknown can cause some anxiety. A poll has shown that as many as 87% have experienced ‘new job jitters’, 53% say starting a new job is scarier than a performance review, visiting a dentist, and skydiving, and […]

New job

5 steps to land a new job in tech

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Applying for and starting a new job can be both a daunting and an exciting process. However, the more prepared you feel the less daunting it will become and far more exciting. It is also easy to feel discouraged if you don’t get a job you applied for, but these tips will help reduce your […]

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8 creative jobs in tech

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Many people think that to work in tech, you need to be good at STEM subjects, and be ‘geeky’. However, this couldn’t be more wrong, as there is a huge demand for creatives within the technology industry. From designing the front-end of websites and apps to leading a content strategy, there are plenty of roles […]


The Advantages of Early Careers Programmes

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An early careers programme is a fantastic opportunity to boost a career in tech for someone at the very beginning of their career and below we list a few reasons why you should consider this as your next step: An effective early-careers programme prepares people for lifelong learning, as well as learning technical skills such […]