Women in Tech Jobs

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To bring more women into the tech industry, it has been outlined that the tech sector needs to make more girls in early education aware of the success you can have in the IT sector, provide more women in tech jobs and highlight how fast technology is growing. Early investment will help more women in […]

women in tech

How to get started in IT Security

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IT or Cyber Security is the information technology processes and practices that protect computers, networks, data and programmes from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access. IT Security plays a crucial role within the government, finance companies, military, hospitals and most private business who store a large amount of data in their computer systems. There are a number […]

What sector of tech should I go into?

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There are a number of tech sectors, it’s not just coding! “I am not a developer or a Computer Geek so I can’t work in technology”. WRONG – there IS a career for you in Technology. Technology or Digital is such a broad term and covers a diverse range of roles and opportunities. There are […]

The various reasons to work in Technology

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Why work in technology? What do you want from your career? Whether you’re motivated by money, want to make a difference, passionate about a specific cause or industry or crave fast-paced career development, the technology sector will bring all of these benefits, and more, your way. Yet, as it stands, a major gender imbalance remains. […]