Free STEM resources

5 Free STEM Resources for Home Education

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With UK schools closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, parents and carers nationwide are suddenly in a situation whereby all pupils are having to be effectively homeschooled until further notice. This places huge pressure on those parents and carers who understandably may not know where to start with home education and ensuring their children are […]

working from home

6 Top Tips for Working from Home Productively

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With COVID-19 spreading across the globe, there is currently a rise in people heeding government advice to work from home, in order to protect themselves and others. For many workers, the phenomenon of working away from the office may be new, and working away from colleagues, resources, and office routines may take some getting used […]

top 10 role models for women in fintech

Top 10 Role Models for Women in FinTech

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Financial Technology is an emerging and revolutionary technology sector that uses technological innovation to improve upon the way financial services operate. The FinTech sector currently generates an approximate revenue of £6.6bn a year, which is set to rise considerably as more and more people embrace the concept of a cashless society. At present women makeup under a […]

International Women's Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020

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International Women’s Day was first celebrated over 100 years ago in 1911. Today it is acknowledged around the world annually on 8th March. In 1911 the day took place on 19th March and saw millions of people march and rally to campaign for women’s rights.  It’s a day to draw attention to the issues facing […]

5 women leading the way in travel tech

5 Women Leading The Way in Travel Tech

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Travel Tech is a rapidly growing sector in technology. From online travel agencies, e-tickets for trains and planes, to flight tracking and ridesharing apps, technology is revolutionising the way we travel. Research by Accenture has discovered that the ratio of female to male managers globally is a meagre 17:50, it’s an issue affecting various industries, […]

remote working

Can Remote Working Help Close the Gender Gap in Tech?

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The gender gap in tech isn’t necessarily a result of the lack of females wanting to pursue a career in the sector. Evidence is increasingly pointing towards the lack of flexible working opportunities for women in tech placing a barrier in the way of gender equality in the sector. Whilst more flexible working opportunities alone […]

get into tech

How Do I Get into Tech?

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It’s not unheard of that the technology sector can offer a lot of employment opportunities. However, it has become apparent that several tech companies have trouble finding tech talent. The tech talent gap continues to grow, and within the decade there will be thousands of tech positions that will need to be filled. It is […]

increasing women in tech

Melinda Gates’ Nonprofit Launches $50m Project Aimed at Increasing Women in Tech

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The nonprofit company founded by Melinda Gates has just launched a $50 million project to influence tech hubs in the US to become more inclusive places for women. The initiative aims to increase the representation of females in the tech industry. As the technology industry grows and expands beyond the mothership of Silicon Valley, now is an […]

the motherhood penalty

The Motherhood Penalty and The Gender Gap in Tech

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According to new statistics from the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020, the global gender gap in various industries, as well as tech, is not expected to close until 2120. Yet it seems like more and more organisations are working to narrow the gender gap in tech by encouraging women to apply for tech […]

The Rise of Women Taking Jobs in Engineering

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Traditionally, engineering has been a male dominated job. In the past, few women entered STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) related careers. However, the situation is starting to change. This change is important because there is currently a skills shortage within the engineering industry. This means that it’s vital for engineering candidates to be sourced […]