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Despite the AV sector now taking greater strides to improve diversity, the industry is still overshadowed by an overwhelming male to female divide. That’s something we’re attempting to change at Kinly and we are already seeing the results. Half of the staff in our APAC region are female and our other locations are now beginning to follow suit.

To ensure we continue to drive positive change, we have embarked on an increasing number of initiatives with organisations aligned with our mission. Women in Tech is a crucial part of this and in 2023 we enjoyed a fantastic start to our relationship and are looking forward to more of the same this year. We have also partnered with Octavius Learning and Development. Octavius offers a female-led, culturally sensitive limited partnership, working with employers to support underrepresented women and girls in STEM industries.

In 2024, our goal is to ensure we continue to explore our backgrounds and diversity so that our employees our empowered to drive innovation and cohesion in our global workplace.

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In 2023 we have undertaken some further actions to support our female colleagues:

  • We decided to enhance our maternity, paternity and shared parental leave schemes to go that bit further to support our employees at these life changing moments.
  • We have made flexible working at Kinly a day 1 right, we want people to feel that they can come to us from interview onwards being clear on what works for them and that we can look to support an appropriate work/life balance
  • We actively encourage our employees to get involved in International Women’s Day, Mental Health Awareness week, Pride & International Mens Day, we are collating a library of resources internally for employees to be able to support their colleagues and their needs
  • We have introduced a Menopause Policy and in 2023 we will be training our first menopause mentors, the training is designed to support women through perimenopause, menopause, being able to give recommendations on treatment/lifestyle options and utilising practical tips.
  • We also have a Time off for Fertility Treatment Policy which grants up to 3 days leave in any one year for those undergoing Fertility treatment.


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In 2023, we made several changes that were designed to better support women. These are now creating positive results in 2024:

  • Flexible working: We’ve made this a day one right for all our employees. We want to ensure that we encourage all females to be able to work their hours as they see fit so that they feel comfortable and can perform at their best without impacting work/life balance.
  • Enhanced maternity pay: We are giving our females more security when they embark on their new journeys. We now pay three months as full pay with a further three months at half.
  • Updated female-centric support policies: These include menopause, time off for fertility treatment and time off for miscarriage. We have also created a support network of maternity mentors across the business as we know how daunting an experience this can be both prior- and post-leave. In addition, we trained four individuals to become menopause mentors.
  • Improved representation: We are making greater efforts in our recruitment process to encourage more women to consider a career in technology at Kinly. We ended 2023 with 24.5% of our UK-based employees identifying as being female, an increasing trend that we want to continue to drive across our wider business.
  • Access to training: We created an internal high performers programme called Kinly Powerhouse which is designed to nurture and develop future AV leaders. 40 per cent of this team are female. As part of their training, they have access to an online programme dedicated for women in business. They take part in four masterclasses led by inspirational women and the aim is to help unlock potential, highlight capabilities and support them in taking the next steps in their career.
  • External events: We created our first female led ERG, SHEerbrilliance. We are now looking to grow this activity in 2024 post our first ever global female event at Kinly for International Women’s Day.


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