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Vantage Point aims to create a diverse, inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. It is a company where employees can be themselves, so they can reach their own potential while helping the company achieve its business goals. The more we collaborate and value difference, the closer we get to living in a truly inclusive community.


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Our Core Values are Diversity, Respect, Integrity, Value, Excellence and Stewardship. The placement of the Diversity value at the start is no accident – it is front and centre to everything we do. We have 42% women in our Head Office and are striving to improve this stat further by year end. We support women through the application and hiring process and are looking at ways to expand our diverse talent pools through female-focussed graduate attraction events. We include diversity training as part of our core initial bootcamp (“Simul8”) and induction processes.

Our pastoral care of graduates includes qualified Mental Health First Aiders who promote mental wellbeing and, in 2023, we are launching a series of talks aimed specifically at female graduates and their continued development. We support and encourage staff to set up and champion diversity initiatives and forums (such as women’s groups, ethnic groups, LGBTQ+ and beyond). We support them with personal days (aka duvet days) on top of the normal holiday allowance and are supportive of hybrid working, dependent on the client.

Ann Cairns, 30% Club Global Chair says “Time and again, research shows that the more diverse a company, the better its performance. It’s that simple.” At Vantage Point, we completely buy into that sentiment and know from the last few years that having gender balance at every level of Vantage Point ultimately makes us a stronger organisation. We benefit of different points of view, different approaches that come from different life experiences. And all this sparks better teamwork and performance, improved creativity, and innovation, gives us a more balanced approach to risk, and makes for a great work environment. At Vantage Point, our core values under-pin who we are, and they are: Diversity, Respect, Integrity, Value, Excellence and Stewardship.


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Quotes from some of Vantage Point’s employees:

“Everyone I have met at Vantage point are so friendly and approachable! The training programme is so useful and helpful!”


“Vantage Point have been so helpful and welcoming and truly show they care.”


“Vantage point provides an opportunity to everyone, no matter what stage of life you’re at. Whilst doing this, not only do they provide guidance on your career but are there for you through thick and thin. Through countless talks with other graduates going through a similar journey at the start of their careers, Vantage Point really stands out.”


“Tim is one of the best trainers I’ve come across. To have that consistency in presenting, enthusiasm and effort really kept me engaged and enjoy the training.”


“I’m happy with how Vantage Point treats me as an employee. Any time that I have requested support, the Client Partner and the rest of the team have reacted promptly. I also enjoy the social events with my colleagues and the training made available is useful for development.”



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