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Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.


Women in Tech Jobs

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To bring more women into the tech industry, it has been outlined that the tech sector needs to make more girls in early education aware of the success you can have in the IT sector, provide more women in tech jobs and highlight how fast technology is growing. Early investment will help more women in […]


Don’t let the busy period stop you from finding your dream job in tech!

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Over the festive period it is easy to get caught up in events, meeting up with friends and going on outings with family. Searching for a new job may be at the back of your mind, but you must not forget that there’s no time like the present to search for your dream job. Employers […]

mentoring women in tech

Effective approaches to mentoring women in tech

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Advice by BrightHR Head of Digital Experience Anneka Burrett An issue facing women in the tech industry today is the lack of good mentorship programmes. This can be seen as a hindrance to their career growth. Although workplace conditions for women have come a long way, there’s still much progress to be made. A women’s […]


Steps to Take When Hiring Women in Tech

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There is a common misconception that hiring women in tech is just an idea that will not increase productivity and may even make it worse. Some tech companies are failing to realise that they can benefit from having a gender balance in the workplace. Teams that consist of different cultures, ethnicities and genders are better […]


The Rise of Women in Tech Contractors

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Over the past few years there has been pressure on tech companies from both inside and outside the industry to encourage more women to pursue careers in tech. New research has revealed that almost 87% of the UKs full time workforce either work flexibly or would like to do so. Furthermore, 91% of women who […]


The Opportunities for Tech Mums

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Technology is generating a lot of jobs which can benefit mums and young girls. The industry has an average of £51,000 which is 40% higher than the nation average, yet over half of tech companies are finding it hard to fill vacancies. Addressing the reasons as to why girls and women are not entering the […]


A Guide to Maternity Pay

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Having a baby is meant to be a very exciting time in your life, however there may be some stresses that occur during this period. An important factor is how you will juggle working and looking after your new born. There are many rights that you are entitled to when having a baby, all of […]


Who is Grace Hopper?

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Grace Brewster Murray was born on the 9th December 1906 in New York City. Grace studied mathematics and physics at Vassar College in 1928 and then proceeded to further her studies at Yale University in 1930. She also married Vincent Foster Hopper in the same year which is when she then became Grace Hopper. In […]


10 of the Most Famous Women in Technology who Changed the World

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We often see how machines or men were the first programmers and the ones who helped change the world we live in today. But least we not forget that women contributed to a lot of programming languages and helped change the male dominated field of technology. Women’s contributions are frequently left out or are unheard […]


Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Tech

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Although men and women are represented at equal performance levels in the tech industry, men are twice as likely to be at management level and receive a 20% bonus. It is evident that men are dominating the tech industry, but it seems that there is more of a balance at lower levels. In a recent […]