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Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.


Life as Head of Technology at Sky

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Natasha Sayce-Zelem Head of Technology (Digital Service) at Sky, was a proper computer game geek as a kid. So you would assume she would end up in a career in gaming or coding, right? This would have been the case had there been more information about getting into computing at school and dedicated computing classes […]


The rise of women in the tech industry

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The tech sector used to be stereotyped as a ‘man’s domain’, but not anymore.   For the last five decades, the tech industry has been very male dominated, but recently, we have been witnessing the rise of a female presence in the sector and the good news is it doesn’t appear to be slowing down […]


Accenture seek total gender equality by 2025

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                            Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture North America, wants to accomplish what most other executives at major companies have not: Making sure men and women are represented equally in the company’s ranks. Her aim is to get a completely 50-50 workforce by […]


Female pupils are more likely to seek extra help in STEM subjects

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New research has found that female students are disproportionately likely to seek extra tuition in STEM A Levels compared to male pupils. The research was conducted following the International Day of Women and Girls in Science on the 11th of February, and as part of the UK government’s 2018 Year of Engineering. MyTutor has delivered over […]


Government fund to help tackle the gender pay gap

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Minister for Women and Equalities Amber Rudd has announced a £1.5 million fund to support people back into work after time out caring. The fund will offer grants to projects which help people to return to work in the private sector. These projects could help returners update their skills, provide other training, or support businesses to […]


Top tips on how women can press for progress in their workplace

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Advice by Peninsula Head of Advisory Kate Palmer   There is no denying that there is an increasing focus on equality and women’s rights in the workplace. Business issues keep making the headlines, from dress codes requiring women to wear high heels or allegations of sexual harassment, leading to a reminder that further steps can […]


How Bethany Koby’s ‘Technology Will Save Us’ is Changing Kids’ Toys

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The start-up toy company ‘Technology Will Save Us’ is bringing creativity, inspiration and productivity back into the children’s toy market with its range of do-it-yourself building kits. Founded in 2012, Bethany Koby’s initial discovery of a discarded laptop in a Hackney rubbish bin has quickly developed into a business that boasts over 30 designers, creatives […]

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Iceland become the first country to make equal pay legal

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                    As of 1st January 2018, Iceland passed new legalisation to become the first country in the world where companies have to legally prove they are not paying differently due to gender. This means that all public employers with over 25 staff have to obtain government […]

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How to get started in IT Security

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IT or Cyber Security is the information technology processes and practices that protect computers, networks, data and programmes from cyber-attacks and unauthorised access. IT Security plays a crucial role within the government, finance companies, military, hospitals and most private business who store a large amount of data in their computer systems. There are a number […]

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The Female All-stars of Tech City

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The number of women starting their own business in the UK grew by 42% between 2010-2016, with almost a third of new businesses now founded by women. These stats are encouraging, and although no official statistics exist for the number of women with startups in Shoreditch, there are some high profile female CEOs in the […]