Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

Examining AI’s Gender Bias and How to Overcome It

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly being adopted across industries, perhaps none bigger than the tech space. With tech and IT firms utilising cutting-edge AI tools and algorithms to streamline operations within HR, recruitment, customer service, accounting, and more, it’s no wonder why this sector-wide disruption is causing concern among business leaders and experts. There are […]

Job sharing

What is job sharing & why is it beneficial to women?

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You’ve heard of full-time and part-time work, but have you heard of job sharing? It is a flexible working arrangement that allows two employees to work part-time doing the same job as each other, with the same responsibilities that usually only one person would be doing full-time. This can involve them either working some of […]

A Q&A with Experian’s Graduates

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Graduate schemes are an excellent way for someone who has recently finished university to get a head start in their tech career. An effective graduate programme prepares people for lifelong learning, as well as learning the technical skills you’ll need for your job, you’ll be given the opportunity to develop soft skills such as communication […]

benefits of women in tech

5 benefits of more women working in tech

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The technology industry has historically been male-dominated, and although this is changing, there are still a small percentage of women making up the IT workforce, with current figures estimating this at around 26%. Much of the reason for this is that the culture and environment of technology has a reputation for being male-centred. Years of […]

Artificial Intelligence

How AI is empowering women in tech

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As we all know too well, the technology industry has long been dominated by men. However, it seems that the tide is starting to turn; the more women that pursue careers in STEM fields and change the status quo, the sooner the gender pay gap can be closed and new perceptions of the industry can […]

Preparing to start a new job in tech

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Starting a new job should be an exciting time. It can also be an unnerving time and the unknown can cause some anxiety. A poll has shown that as many as 87% have experienced ‘new job jitters’, 53% say starting a new job is scarier than a performance review, visiting a dentist, and skydiving, and […]

New job

5 steps to land a new job in tech

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Applying for and starting a new job can be both a daunting and an exciting process. However, the more prepared you feel the less daunting it will become and far more exciting. It is also easy to feel discouraged if you don’t get a job you applied for, but these tips will help reduce your […]

creative jobs in tech

8 creative jobs in tech

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Many people think that to work in tech, you need to be good at STEM subjects, and be ‘geeky’. However, this couldn’t be more wrong, as there is a huge demand for creatives within the technology industry. From designing the front-end of websites and apps to leading a content strategy, there are plenty of roles […]

gender diversity in gaming

Gender diversity in the gaming industry

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The gaming industry sits in a hybrid location between the technology and creative industries. Similar to the IT sector as a whole, there is a severe imbalance when it comes to gender representation in the industry, with current figures suggesting just 28% of the workforce are women. And the misrepresentation runs even deeper when it […]

return to office

Return to work: the impact on women

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The global COVID-19 pandemic which hit the UK in 2020 sent the working world into a frenzy. Companies who had never set themselves up to be remote had to invest in technology to ensure their staff could work from home for an indefinite period of time. This shift in working style meant that thousands of […]