Here you will find helpful articles and guides that can advise you on getting started in a career in technology or how to make it in the world of tech as a woman. Along with what job role is ideal for you, the skills required and how much you could earn from it.

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10 Amazing Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter

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There are 33.82 million women in the UK, yet just 19% of the tech industry are women. There’s no denying that a big gender gap still exists in tech and that the industry needs to do better when it comes to creating equal opportunities for women. A huge part of creating the change and changing perceptions about gender diversity […]

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Developer Jobs for Women in Tech

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A recent survey revealed that just 11% of developers are women. The job has one of the biggest gender gaps in the tech industry, yet developer skills are in high demand, especially in light of the recent pandemic as more and more companies and organisations rely upon remote operations and the strength of their websites and applications […]

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Discussing Diversity and Inclusion in Tech during COVID-19

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Women in Tech interviewed Michael Carter, European HR Director, at Assurant on his advice on how the business is making progress with D&I goals during COVID-19, future plans moving forward and more.  Michael is responsible for all aspects of HR for Assurant’s European business and is an executive member of the Assurant Europe Group Board […]

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What are the Best UK Cities for Women in Tech?

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As a woman starting, returning to, or progressing in a career in tech in the UK, where are the best opportunities? With the UK being Europe’s top scaling tech nation, we’ve looked at the facts and statistics to determine the best UK cities for women in tech. To measure what makes a city the best for a career […]

3 Ways the Pandemic has Impacted Women in Tech

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COVID-19 has brought immense and sudden changes to all of our lives. Millions of people around the globe have felt the impact of job losses, economic downturn, school closures, social isolation and adjusting to all kinds of new normal in daily work and personal lives.  There’s growing evidence to suggest that whilst everyone is feeling the impact of […]

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Attracting Female Graduates to Pursue a Career in Tech

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Alice Harling, Content & Communications Manager at Prevayl shares her thoughts on where the industry is going wrong in attracting female graduates to pursue a career in tech as well as her advice on how to improve the situation going forward. 24% of women make up the total workforce of those in computing. And a […]

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The History of Women in Tech

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With the persistence of male domination in the tech industry, it’s easy to forget how instrumental and spearheading women have been in its development since its origins around 300 years ago. Despite the constant barrage of obstacles, female scientists and mathematicians have persisted in order to have their work recognised and widely used and as […]

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4 Groundbreaking Health Tech Companies led by Women

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Health Tech is a fast-growing tech sector that’s enhancing the way the health and medicine industry can operate. Technological innovations such as AI and Blockchain will be instrumental in enabling current and emerging Health Tech companies to meet the demands of consumers. In the wake of the devastating global pandemic, there has been an increased reliance on […]

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3 Top Tips for Finding Remote Jobs for Women in Tech

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Remote work is becoming much more valuable than just a good work perk. For many people such as working parents and people who live further away from big towns and cities, remote work is being realised as the solution to a successful work-life balance and choosing to go freelance is unlocking freedoms a more traditional 9-5 […]