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Iceland become the first country to make equal pay legal

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As of 1st January 2018, Iceland passed new legalisation to become the first country in the world where companies have to legally prove they are not paying differently due to gender. This means that all public employers with over 25 staff have to obtain government certification of their equal pay policies or they will face […]

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Gender Discrimination Is Hindering Tech Industry growth

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Sopra Banking Software uncover why it is that men still dominate senior positions in Tech and why men are out-earning women, even in equal positions. The UK gender pay gap won’t close until 2069 unless measures are taken to combat it now. That’s another 53 years that women will continue to pay a higher price […]

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St Andrews female graduate is Young Software Engineer of the Year

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Gala Malbasic who graduated from the University of St Andrews in the summer has been named Young Software Engineer of the Year 2017. The Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards are given to the best undergraduate software projects, drawn from across all students studying computing science and software engineering in Scotland. Gala won first […]


Teen writes children’s book to encourage young girls to learn to code

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Sasha Ariel Alston is a 19-year-old college student at Pace University studying information systems and marketing. When she found her love for coding she noticed there weren’t many girls, especially of colour, that shared her love for the topic. Because of this, she decided to write a children’s book- Sasha Savvy Loves to Code. Sasha […]


6 Things A Woman In Tech Should Know

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Chloe Sumsion studied computer science for four years in college and has worked as a software engineer at Lucid Software for almost two years. Chloe shares below a few words of wisdom for women in tech or those wanting to join the sector.   Don’t Let the Fact That You’re a Minority Trip You Up […]

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Successful start-ups by women in the tech industry

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Tech startups There is an increasing number of stories regarding women in the tech industry who successfully grow their start-up businesses. Below are six examples of tech startups with women at the head of the company. TheSkimm The first example of women in tech who are making steps to alter the industry are entrepreneurs Danielle Weisberg and […]

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Ways to increase equality in the Tech industry

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In the past, inequality in the workplace has been a huge issue, for a long time this problem was ignored. The matter is perfectly summed up by multi-billionaire investor Warren Buffett.  “What a waste of human talent – 50% of the population was pushed off into the corner for 200 years.”   The problem One […]

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Why We Need More Women in Senior Roles

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Women Senior Roles Gender diversity is a subject that should be taken seriously by those at the top of any organisation. There is plenty of evidence that shows more female leaders will improve performance of private and public sector organisations. Below are just three key reasons to promote gender diversity:   Be more representative of […]


What is a returnship? Everything you need to know

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Returnships were introduced to Britain in 2014, they are described as high-level internships that are professionally paid and can last anywhere between 10 weeks and 6 months. The programmes are designed to help experienced professionals who have taken a career break get back into their senior roles. Returnships focus on helping returners build their technology […]


FDM Group reports average gender pay gap of 6%

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FDM Group, a professional services company with a focus on IT and the largest IT graduate employers in the UK, has reported an average gender pay gap of 6% and a median pay gap of 0% compared to the UK average of 18.1%. The group is an early adopter of gender pay gap reporting introduced by the Government […]